Tuesday, August 14, 2012

What To Expect/Episode 10 Rankings

When you're watching the Season two finale of the Glee Project.

So I could go on and on like last year about who's going to win this but...

Bitches please. Aylin has had this shit LOCKED DOWN since episode one.

But anyways, lets get on with some rankings.

5) Michael

It was time for the math geek to go, sadly.  I personally found him to be the best actor on the show, but where he started having an interesting voice, he let Nikki get a little too inside of his head, and it ended up making him over think WAY too much, and thus strip his voice of anything that was strong about it.  I still think he's a potentially great actor, but he is most definitely way too green for this kind of thing right now.

But yeah, thank God we got to see him shirtless and sweaty before he caught the boot.

4) Blake

I'm not saying that I would have cut Blake by putting him in the bottom two--honestly, I would have only had a bottom three, instead of making all of them perform, and I don't think that Blake's performance would have merited a bottom three position. However, with his LCP, Blake once again shows that while his acting is definitely some of the strongest in the group, his singing is demonstrably weaker.  Blake has a decent shot of ending up on Glee this upcoming season, but it would send the direct opposite message that Glee tries to advertise if he won the Glee Project.

3) Lily Mae

Lily Mae, Lily Mae, Lily Mae, how truly impressed I was with your LCP; how completely confused I was with the rest of your role in this episode.  Lily Mae played the role of...the girl who wore a old looking dress in the video. Really moving.  You guys, that video was GOD AWFUL and whatever they tried to do with Lily Mae may have been the least cliche, but it was also the least sensical.  Anyways, it'll suck to not see her perform an LCP in the finale.

2) Ali

Ali was pretty freaking amazing in her LCP, but...kind of cheesy in the video performance.  Her strengths however, lie in that she is the most polished of the performers remaining, as well as in this episode.  Plus...I love her in that pink prom dress, and can only IMAGINE WHAT HER FINALE LCP IS GOING TO BE.

1) Aylin

At first when I saw the video, I was like "UGH, I cannot believe they're doing THIS to her." And then I saw her reaction to having to wear it, and I once again exclaimed "I CANNOT BELIEVE THIS." Then I saw amazingly Aylin worked through it to give the performance of the video, and couldn't give her anything less than the top spot.  And that was all BEFORE her killer performance of fighter.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the girl who should, and WILL win tonight: Aylin.


  1. Can you believe it? I mean, Blake is cute, and he's a nice singer, but he's normal! Aylin had the opportunity to BE the new character that I think Ryan really wanted, but his writing staff basically chose Blake - I think Aylin could've been incredible as well - but in my mind Aylin was amazing AND different! Unfortunately I think this season it was harder for the individuals because the sort of were looking for the "star" quarterback type. I'm honestly hoping that they'll pull a Chris Colfer move and actually write in parts, even if small, for Aylin and Alli and will see how it goes!

  2. I had actually read this right before they announced the winner, and I was rather happy you shared the same opinion as me. Aylin literally ran this competition. No one could get in between her and that prize. But Ryan Murphy. Now, it must have been a pretty ridiculous discussion of the Final contenders that Charlie had to butt in with his 2 sense, but it sounded that they had already made their decision. Most of the writers liked Blake, and Ryan Murphy decided to take the safe route instead of taking the riskier, more controversial path. I was lost for words when Blake was announced as the winner. Just goes to show you have to be a white, attractive, heterosexual male in order to win this contest.

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