Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Episode Eight Rankings

Well, I can't find a link to the new episode, but I do owe you guys at least one post today, so let's get to last episode's rankings.

Also, just so there's no confusion, these rankings were decided upon PRIOR to last night.

7) Abraham

I think I've already damaged my relationship with Abraham enough for this blog so I'll only say this: regardless of what really went down in that confrontation with Ryan, it was a classic reality television suicide move.  I'll miss you, Abafierce.

6) Michael

How'd that get there?  Just so you guys know, whenever I'm not able to blog consistently The OMGlee Project blog does a pretty bang up job of getting screenshots and providing the Glee Project gigglies I know you all crave.  Check him out sometime.

Anyways, MICHAEL.  I mean, I don't think it really needs to be articulated anymore that this kid is a little out of his league.  Not in terms of talent, mind you--kids got the raw material in spades.  What he doesn't have is cojones.  Michael could easily be at the top of this heap if he would just suck it up and get down to business.  As it is, I feel that we're only barely getting to surface the surface of his talents.

5) Blake

So it's finally occurred to me the reason why I never really put Blake close to the bottom, even though a ton of people seem to out perform him every episode: we never get to see Blake's behind the scenes moments.  It's time to stop being nice, you guys: the editors are setting Blake up for something, and I think that it's a little unfair that generally all we see are his glowing moments, while everyone else is falling apart.  Granted, he could just be the crazy perfect human being we've all become accustomed to seeing every Tuesday night, but c'mon--no one sharing a two bedroom apartment with 13 strangers for ten weeks is THAT awesome.

TIE: 3) Aylin & Lily Mae

I had the same problem the mentors had this week--I had no idea who did better: Lily or Aylin.  So I tied them.  I thought both ladies did crazy good this week: Aylin edging out Lily in the homework assignment, and Lily edging out Aylin in the vocal booth, as well as giving a kick ass last chance performance that left me in a puddle of giggles.  Where they both completely outshone everyone was the video--the two of them popped out like Pamela Anderson in a bandage dress.  However, since this is apparently becoming the 'Professionalism Project' the two of these girls (and Michael and Abraham) got screwed over when they couldn't figure out how to double dutch.  There is not enough OY in the world for how I feel about that.

2) Ali

So it's going to be a pretty hard argument convincing you guys of this, since obviously, Ali took the homework assignment by a landslide, and killed it pretty much everywhere else...

1) Shanna

But Shanna KILLED this weeks theme.  Yet again, listening to her voiceover, saying that she would let her legs give out before she quit, as she vomited into a trash can--THAT is tenacity.  Shanna could have topped on technicalities alone, but that fact that she herself truly embodies tenacity in that she never gives up, not even for a second, and that she keeps pushing on, belting to Jesus as though he was going deaf--how could I not put her at the top of this list this week?  Epically awesome.


  1. As much as this list irks me I have to say I agree. By the way, if you need the newest episode I have no more internet issues so let me know!

  2. I agree with you, as I pretty much always do. Except I would have given Aylin the edge over Lily Mae, if only for degree of difficulty. Seriously, what did Lily Mae have to do in the video? She caught a ball, then threw it, then took her sweatpants off, then turned a jump rope. The hardest thing she had to do, let Aylin help her undress. Aylin was jumping hurdles. Also, what is with Lily Mae and the Chest/shoulder thrust thing she does? Lily Mae, you are amazing, find a new gesture. I mean, you have a great rack, but there are other ways to be intense.

  3. "I mean, you have a great rack, but there are other ways to be intense." Or sexy. Kaheels, couldn't have said it better myself.

    But I can't decide where Aylin falls on the list b/c I'm intensely biased when it comes to that girl, so I won't argue with the rankings. However, I'm glad somebody called Shenanigans on the judges decision to use double dutch as part of the course, then get all bitchy when they couldn't do it. Seriously?

  4. As much as I find Michael and Blake so ... attractive I hope neither one wins I'm mean does glee need any hot and bubbly dream boats uh no they don't like I said I'd rather see Aylin or Lily Mae just beacause its time to have a fierce bitch on GLEE