Monday, July 23, 2012



So this week I'm dubbing Theatric-ALI-ty because, well, c'mon--like anyone was going to top this girl doing theatre stuff.

Well, her slash Lily.  It really did come down to between the two of them, didn't it?

See, I was one of those gays that never had time for musical theatre in high school--I was too busy having a legitimate sex life.  But what struck me about Ali's performance was just how refreshing and real it seemed--where everyone else seemed to be pushing into some hair grabbing character, Ali was the ingenue that drew from somewhere deep inside to come up with a theatrical, but ethereal performance.

I still would have picked Lily for the win here though.

Even if Ali did look ADORABLE winning this one.

And even MORE adorable getting picked to be Katy Perry.  Honestly, this one was a no brainer: Katy and Ali are both bubbly and boobilicious.  Everyone else was basically damned to 'background singer' from the get go.

Bitches PLEASE: did girl own in this video, or did girl OWN IN THIS VIDEO?  I'd like to buy a caps-lock, personally. Her acting was incredible--the transitions alone were lovely--and she finally figured out exactly how to put her theatre trained vocal chords to use in a pop context.

It's too bad she had to werq her shit out to something as flagrantly, demeaningly awful as the fourth best selling single of a now-defunct, glorified stripper troupe.

Acting, kids, it's not as pretty as it looks on TV.  Stay in school.

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  1. I'm glad someone else pointed out that this was a stupid song to do. The concept was cute, in and of itself (Math is Sexy as Elvis? Adorable), but I swear I'd never even heard of "When I Grow Up" by the PCD, and I have heard "Jai Ho" (awesome Bollywood, check it out). Seriously-- this was the best they could come up with?
    Ali rocks out loud-- love her uber much.