Monday, July 30, 2012

Tenacious Takedown

 "Who in here knows the definition of tenacious?"
"I'm guessing everyone with an 8th grade education, but aside from that: DUH."

Ali is seriously starting to make this competition into her own personal practice stage for Glee.  I mean, come on:


One thing I will say about the amount of practice time and polish these kids get to put into their homework performances, is that is gives off somewhat of a rehearsed air; I generally got the feeling last season that the kids were somewhat more organically coming up with their own personal stamps on things.  This season, I'm not sure what exactly they're being ranked on, because they all are always so good.

But of course, whilst everyone else just looked kind of stabby, Ali yet again rose above, and presented herself in a way reminiscent of a phoenix rising from the ashes, all fresh attitude and killer vocals.

Oh, and pigtails.  Pigtails are REALLY tenacious.

"Of course you picked me; I look like a Spice Girl. Who could possibly be more tenacious than Posh Spice?"

Although, I have to say, this was one hell of an awkward challenge win.  Amber came thisclose to accidentally admitting to picking her for the win because she was in a wheelchair.  I mean, was it me, or did it sound a lot like Mercedes up there was basically lecturing Ali on how hard it was to be in a wheelchair?

 "So you're telling me, jockstraps are just slutty underwear atheletes wear?"
 "Right, I know what they are from athletics. Definitely NOT gay porn."

So say us all, wheels.

They didn't really give her any extra to do in the video, even though she did have that climactic scene at the end.  Overall she did really well, but she wasn't exactly exceptionally tenacious looking or giving off some stellar performance.

Then again, this video sucked harder that a drunken sorority girl at unlimited margaritas night.*

*margaritas are generally consumed through a straw


  1. I'm really not sure why Ali thought pigtails would scream "tenacious" (ballsy, absolutely, but tenacious?), but she totally took everyone. Super awesome once again.
    As far as the video, I understand it was super hard, but to me it made no sense-- couldn't they have made it a connected sort of obstacle course? Things to do that were interrelated? Like track and field (stairs, tires, hurdles), basketball (slalom, passing basketballs, hookshot/dunk shot), or just a random obstacle course (diving through a tire, jumprope, pyramids). But not all of them-- and what the hell was softball doing in there? It felt like a clusterf*ck of athletic crap all thrown together to make everyone exhausted. Although Michael still managed to make being athletic and sucking at jump rope sexy (because MATH IS SEXY, even if it can't jump rope).

    And what would you know about how hard drunken sorority girls suck Sam? hmmmm?

    1. I'm actually a drunken sorority girl at heart.

  2. Ali is a great actress and I love her, but I don't think I want her to win. I think it really just comes down to the fact that her voice kind of bugs me. Just my personal preference. Also, I think she looks the oldest of the group and I don't really buy her as a high schooler, but that is nitpicky. If looking too old to be in high school excluded people from GLEE it would pretty much just be Chris Colfer and Damian McGinty. So, just Chris Colfer (Oh Damian, I love you, but that was probably for the best). Also, as good of an actress as she is, it sometimes feels less real and organic, but even I don't know what the hell I mean when I say that. But it seems to be something Ryan cares about. All that being said, I wouldn't be disappointed if she won because she is extremely talented and could fit well on the show. And she is super cute and likable.

  3. They should just change the name to the show to Ali and Pals.

  4. How the hell had I never seen this blog before? Rofl.

    I swear, it's like I could have written it. I do wish I hadn't just spent 2 hours looking through all the posts though. XD