Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Talkin' Bout Them Girls (ah, ah, ah, ah)

What a surprise:

"Um, fucking duh I think Aylin's a slut."


I know it's probably the editing, but c'mon people, it's 2012--learn how to paraphrase yourself before the editors do it for you.

It's really too bad that Lily Mae was essentially paralyzed below her eyeballs for this homework assignment, because she had this beautiful sensuality to her voice and gaze that, had she been able to push it a touch farther, really may have been able to score her the homework win this week.

And I think it may be time to hire a new director, because this AMAZING sass and attitude and attitude that she was oozing all over set?

Really could have been captured to better effect for the video.

Although to be fair, they did get this one particularly GORGEOUS shot of her.  You're welcome for the new default pic, Ms. Harrington.

It's hard to actually critique her performance in the video, having seen the way she was portraying herself on set, because on set she was so much stronger than how they conveyed her in the video.  Learn how to shoot something other than close-ups, Eric.

From cutesy helpless bunny to sign-throwing, gangta lumberjack in one episode--Ali is clearly a master of character.

For some reason, I never get much of an impact from Ali when I watch her in the homework assignments, which strikes me a strange, given how powerful and seductive she looks in these stills--her eyes in that first shot are delicious.  I think it may be the way she sings--sometimes it's just a little too sweet, earnest, and controlled.  I'd like to hear her drop a little bit of that professionalism and really give us something raw to marvel at.

That doesn't mean I necessarily want to watch her ball her eyes out (eh hem, RYAN) but in Ali's case, I think it actually would be appropriate to drop that veneer just a hair.  Right now everything's just too calculated; even a lot of her interactions with the mentors seems rehearsed.

I think it would help differentiate her acting her from persona to do so, because as talented an actress as Ali is, because she puts on a little bit of an 'act' outside of the video shoots, I notice her techniques way more than I should when I watch the videos. It's a tiny little thing--and honestly if this wasn't a reality show, I'd probably never notice it, and just think of her as an amazing actress--but it's distracting in this context.

"What do you mean giggling isn't sexual? Don't guys like to be laughed at in bed?"

Little Miss 'Belt To Jesus' was clearly taught the 'save yourself for Jesus' version of sex ed.

To be perfectly honest, it doesn't seem to me that Shanna had much of a 'sexuality' issue this episode, as a maturity issue.  She just seemed really uncomfortable and overly giggly whenever they were rehearsing--even during the homework assignment, she definitely had this 'high school sweetheart' thing going on with Blake and Charlie, as opposed to the level of sensuality they were expecting.

Like so.

Don't they just make you want to give up on life and enter a convent?  It's like they just won prom king and queen at a high school for genetically-enhanced Hollister models.

Although yet again, whatever problems Shanna had in all other aspects of the episode, she SERIOUSLY turn it on for the video, as she always does.  Her chemistry with Michael in their scenes together definitely helped--he out performed her by a mile when they were together--but she definitely stood her ground even on her own.  Just look at that last shot--girl is tearing it DOWN.

In conclusion, I'd just like to say that Shanna's little meltdown on stage was heartbreaking, and I seriously couldn't emotionally stand to see it again.  If the mentors ever decide to cut her, they need to just take her out back...and toss her in a cab, because my heart couldn't possibly take watching that again.

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