Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Let's start cranking them out, girls and boys.

"I think I'm pretty experienced for my age. Remember me? The young one?"

So Michael decides to open the episode by telling us all how much of a slut he is.

And then he reminds us of how young he is by popping one of those spontaneous erections them youths are so prone to.

Also, I don't know about you guys, but I totally reciprocated that during his homework.  Like, he sang it adorably--that sort of young, suave, seductive thing that I feel like Frank Sinatra was probably really good at.  Whatever the case, he sounded wonderful, and totally had me, uh, 'swooning'.

Less so here.

Listen, I don't necessarily consider myself an authority on singing or anything, but this really did seem to be a MAJOR misstep. Not only did Michael forget the words, but he also handled this really poorly, claiming to be perfectly fine when he clearly wasn't.  Had he owned up to needing a second, we may not have been treated...

...to this complete and utter disaster that probably should have gotten him offed.

To be perfectly fair, I would have kept him, personally, because he handled the situation with a huge dose of humility and humor, and gave me a reason to want to see more of him, rather than show him the door.

It didn't hurt that he also gave pretty much the most sensually energetic performance in the video besides Nellie--really the only one who gave her anywhere close to a run for her money, honestly.

In conclusion, I've been looking for a way to word this without being offensive, but there's a reason why, despite the fact that I have a major crush on both of them (no, seriously) that I can actually discuss Michael, while Blake gets sort of cutesy screenshot posts--it's because Michael's got something to him, an intrigue, a style, a major talent.  Sure, he's not as blatantly hot as Blake, but there's definitely something a lot more interesting--and a lot sexier, for theme's sake--about Michael.  I'm hoping he picks up the pieces from this episode, and gets pretty far in this competition.

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