Saturday, July 7, 2012

Room For Two - Roots Before Branches

Before we get back to our regularly scheduled Glee Project programming, I thought we'd take a minute to focus on the real star of TGP:

Did anyone else know that Roots Before Branches was Nikki's song?!

Anyways, as much as I rag on Nikki for, well, being soulless essentially,  it's easy to see why she's employed by Glee--girl is a MASTER of technique.  Absolutely beautiful song, Nikki--I hope being a mom is treating you well!


  1. OMG! I had no clue. That is awesome! I adore this song.

  2. I found this on youtube a few weeks ago while looking for the Glee version. I may not always like her as a person (at least on TGP), but she's definitely talented!

  3. I totally skimmed and read that as "as much as I shag on Nikki!" and then I was all like"No, I thought you were gay! now all my dreams of marrying and having children named Sha'quanda and Tanisha Lafanda are ruined!"

    1. HAHA! I was actually thinking more along the lines of Shangela. ;)

  4. Obviously very talented, yet after watching this I'm going to laugh at her every time she criticizes the contestants for mediocre lip sincing.

  5. No doubt the woman is very talented. But may I ask what the h is going on with her arms? Was she trying to do a rain dance?