Thursday, July 12, 2012

Oh, Balls

And just when I was getting around to liking the guy.

"Dude, my junk is just like 'HELLO!'"

Okay, really liking the guy.

I was never going to be in love with Charlie the way I'm in love with Michael or Blake (i.e. hot, sweaty, grunt-y) but it's safe to say that Charlie certainly became one of the more interesting players to watch on this show--didn't play by the rules, didn't give a rats ass about how to conduct himself for the cameras.  It was kind of refreshing, in a way.

"I guess we could kiss or something?"
"Don't push your luck, Charlie."

And this masterpiece of Hunger Games realness--these two should teach a freaking class on 'how to guarantee a top three spot for either you or your reality show lover'.  GENIUS.

I have no idea how valid their deal is--I'm guessing it's fairly legit, but come up, Charlie straight up Peeta'd himself for that girl, and for good reason:

Aylin is Katniss-ing this bitch like it's nobody's business.  I'll be sad to see a few others go, but when Aylin takes this thing, it will all be worth it.

God, now I can only think of this in terms of the Hunger Games.

Anyways, Charlie was doing his fun little Charlie bit in the homework, which certainly gave some fun bits to the homework, but he was definitely overshadowed by someone who somehow managed to pull out the silly even better than he did.  No, not Lily; her win is a complete mystery to me.

Ah, yes, the battle of the century.  Listen, you guys, these three hilariously high and mighty individuals have a script (which I'm pretty sure what they're actually reading off of with that tele-monitor thing--Zach had some trouble remembering his producer fed critiques last season, for sure) and they keep to it.  Somewhere, in the seventh circle of hell, some producers put three names into a hat, and gave it to Ryan Murphy to figure out how to justify their wishes.

Now, does that mean Charlie wasn't the least impressive person this week, or that his acting choices were bizarrely low key? No, they definitely were, and I can see why he would land in the bottom for sure because of them.  But these three pretending like it wasn't planned from the start that someone like Charlie had zero chance of actually bagging this is kind of hilarious.

This is why someone like Charlie is brought on these shows: to make the reality show itself compelling, to create a character that people can relate to.  Kudos to Charlie for seriously bringing it--something new--to the table every single time he was brought up to Ryan's Casting Couch, and for creating the most memorable Last Chance Performance that there ever will be on this show.  Oh, believe me, other people will totally try to rip this off, but no one will have have claim to it's masterful smoothness in the way that Charlie manage--truly amazing.

It was definitely a little heartbreaking seeing the two of them, especially Aylin, lose it a little bit seeing Charlie's name up there, but despite my own protestations, I think it really may have been Charlie's time to go, given the direction this show needs to start moving in.  Charlie was the levity, the goofy, fun spirit (to a lesser extent, so is Ali, but less aggressively so) and mark my words, now that he's gone, the real competition will be starting.  Things are definitely about to start getting a little uglier.


  1. Aylin looked so... sad.
    Charlie said in the end, "Give it your best and nothing else."
    :( At least they're still dating outside of the glee project

  2. Ill definitely miss charlies personality on the show, but at this point he was the one person left with absolutely zero chance of at least making it to the finale so it had to happen sooner or later. I hope everything works out for him with aylin and his career because he is so talented and special. Word on his homework performance i thought he was fun, and i had no clue why lily won. I wouldve chosen Blake personally but im sure nobody will agree.

  3. This is great!! I totally agree with this!

  4. I'm just glad that they're still dating now, that it wasn't just for the ratings (even though it probably got a lot of it)

  5. Aylin = Katniss
    Charlie = Peeta
    Nellie = Foxface
    Shanna = Glimmer
    Lily = Clove
    Blake = Cato
    Ali = District 10 boy. >.>
    The rest are bloodbath tributes. <3

    1. Omg I love you for saying that!
      I wanted Aylin and Charlie to get to the finals and pull a nightlock on Ryan like "You can either put both of us on the show or you get no winner!!" Very dramatic.

    2. HAHAHAHAHAHA! This is AMAZING. I think that Abraham is probably Marvel, and Nellie is more like Rue.

  6. I will definitely miss Charlie. Was he the worst one of the rest of the contestants? No. Did he have a more moving LCP than either Aylin or Nellie? Of course not--they gave them ballads! That's their strong point! Much like Marissa last season, I feel like he lost not because he was the least talented person on the show, but because he was up against other contestants in their prime.

  7. I saw the most raw talent with Charlie. He looks good, sounds good, and has a great attitude as well. For each show, it became a guilty hope of mine that he'd be picked for the bottom three, just to hear his outstanding solo performances. Ultimately, there is something even better than Glee that will come along for him. Absolute best in my opinion.

  8. I'm going to miss Charlie's entertainment factor. He always made great LCPs and he was interesting to listen to when he was talking to others or the cameras. Plus, who else in that group would have been able to convince everyone to run around the house in their underwear? The Glee Project will be a sadder place without LesbiFinn.