Monday, July 23, 2012

My Mind's A Burning Hell

So now that I've recovered from the weeklong bender it took me to recover from losing Nellie, let's get into this:


*something about confidence, yadda yadda, producer storyline*

But for real, do I really have to do this?  Can't I just stop blogging here, pretend that Nellie won, pretend that I might have a reason to watch Glee again in the fall, pretend that she didn't fall victim to her own insecurities, and ended up committing reality television suicide?

No?  Okay, fine.  Just for you guys then.

"You guys, I literally have no idea who this tall guy with the douche-stache is.  Is it Blake's gay brother aka Sam's future boyfriend BLAKEMAKEITHAPPEN." 

Just some, uh, stuff I needed to work into that.

But seriously, can we talk about Grant Gustin for a second?  Like, dude, that's not stubble--it's a prickly rash.  I can feel the razor burn from here.

As much as I want to try to set up this post to defend Nellie, because I love her so much, it's...well, it's pretty much impossible.  I can't tell if it was just really horrible editing, or if Nellie was indeed in a narcoleptic state this week, but when the only two usable shots I have from your homework assignment are of you standing there, looking off into the distance as though you haven't slept in eight days, well, then it's really hard for me to defend you.

If that jumble of WHAT didn't make any sense to you: Nellie was way too low energy and un-focused.

"And all I can think is: I want some of what they're smoking." 

If I can be serious for a second (and Nellie, I hope you're reading this) THIS is the kind of humor and enthusiasm Nellie should be going into things with--when she tries to act like someone she isn't, she gets all kinds of bent out of shape and confused.  Nellie interprets things so NATURALLY that the second she feels like she has to interpret them in a specific manner (i.e. acting like someone else) she loses that intrinsic capability for making things so her own.  Nellie, girl, screw Ryan's advice: just BE YOU.

Do not, under any circumstances be THIS girl ever again.

To be fair, I thoroughly enjoyed Nellie's performance; to be honest I was wasted off half a gallon of chardonnay.

It took me a few views, but I think I finally got what Nellie was going for with this, and it made it easier to see why it didn't work--Nellie went for the coquette/vixen split that Britney is known for.  Had she actually been able to convey it with her eyes a bit better, smiled a bit more, I think she actually would have NAILED this one.

The way she OWNED this one.  Absolutely stunning--the way she growled out the high note had me squealing like the psychotic little Melissa Etheridge fanboy that I am.  This alone should have saved Nellie from elimination, being able to show that she can come out of her 'singer' shell and really 'act and perform'.

I firmly believe that Nellie would have stayed had she been able to give Ryan something more 'idk' as the answers to his questions.  As much as I really wished Nellie had stayed, it's really hard to argue with that.

So yeah, Nellie, album: NOW.


  1. This week felt to me like Nellie had just had enough. Like the weight of all the criticism she was getting was overwhelming her as they added a new "sexy" concept to her. I can only imagine the emotional stress of what they're all doing. This isn't just a fresh group of actor/singers trying out for a tv show. The high profile nature of it must be brutal on the emotions. Then you add in her insecurities and...I just don't know. Love her. Will buy anything she sings. Just not right for this show right now I guess.

    These endings are getting harder and harder to watch. You can tell the family that they've created here.

  2. I was so sad to see Nellie go, but even despite the list of spoilers everywhere, it did look like it was her time to leave. She is definitely what glee is about. Tons of people can relate to her and she is so talented. She can obviously act (I mean sexuality week? Hot dayum) and she is a great performer, but she is insecure and shy, and a lot of people are. You would think that with her being in Glee, it would be great to have those, but it is a show, and they can't always do a million takes just for Nellie. I love her, and I really want her to release her album. She has some original songs in her youtube channel. I am kind of rooting for Shanna, Aylin, and Blake now.

    p.s: Back off, Blake's Brother is mine ;)

  3. Can we talk about Erik's direction a little bit? I feel bad for these performers -- especially since most are untrained actors! A GOOD director should try to make his actors more comfortable and give motivation (not a vague action like "be sexy") to his/her actors. This is SO FRUSTRATING because I think that Nellie would have done much better (same with Charlie) had she understood her motivation in this scene (more than just being Britney, bitch).

  4. I hate my mom for this comment but when she saw that Nellie was still there she said, "How is she still there?! She's obviously just a singer not an actress!" Yeah so excuse me while I sharpen my knife!(;