Saturday, July 14, 2012

Lily Meh

"Because I am totally comfortable with my body, I'm going to talk about my body. AGAIN."

OY, am I ever getting tired of hearing this spiel.  As all of you should know, I started off this season LOVING THIS GIRL, so I think I'm allowed to complain about her a bit now.

At first, I was all sorts of ready to LOVE anyone who defined herself as 'a full-figured leading lady' and totally shove it in the face of the skeletally-obsessed Hollywood, werqing her way through the competition with sass, confidence, and jaw-dropping skills.  But, as it turns out, Ms. Lily Mae has none of those things.  She starts sobbing at the drop of a hat, whining whenever the slightest thing goes wrong, and talks about her body like a member of AA talks about gin.  She's probably one of the better actresses in the group, but you'd never know it unless she gets praised to the nines during the homework assignment--otherwise she's flat and completely dismissible.  This was only reinforced for me this week, when she won the homework assignment, and her mood instantly went from dour and biting, like in the last four episodes, to this maniacally happy showstopper of a girl that I had expected her to be from the start.

In case my little diatribe wasn't clear enough, I thought Lily Mae did GREAT this episode, all conditional bipolarity disorders aside.  Not necessarily in the homework, which was really just a rehash of her 'Danceability' performance (which landed her in the bottom 3, mind you) and honestly never should have garnered her a win, but...

For this epically awesome, full-fledged character bad-assery in the video shoot. THIS is what I thought I'd be getting every week with Lily, not some girl who kinda half-assed everything and then blamed it on growing to love herself despite that fact that she was over weight.  You know who else on this show was overweight? Hannah.  You know how often we heard about it? ONCE.  And even then, it was basically her being like 'Yeah, fat is a mean word, but whatever--I'm fucking MC Hannah, BITCH."

God I miss that girl.

So Lily Mae, please--more of this fierce stuff, less of...whatever you've been doing up until this episode.


  1. i love lily, i think the show precieves her weirdly to the audience.

    and i love your whole thing about Hannah, that girl always puts a smile on my face and was my favirote. I love when you throw in contenders from season 1 into your season 2 blogs, brings back the memories! keep doing whatcha do.

  2. I, too, wanted to love Lily from the start as I am a huge fan of both Hannah and Lindsay from Season 1 and thought Lily was potentially a powerful blend of my past favorites. That hope was quickly extinguished by her tendency to whine. I correctly guessed her homework win this week and hope that she can keep that fierce factor high without always needing extra coaching. I love seeing everyone excel so they all feel as though they did everything possible to win. Also, as a plus-size woman with a plus-size teen daughter who lives to perform, I want to root for someone who roots for herself without ready excuses and who exhibits the right blend of humility, confidence, ferocity, and the desire for and ability to accept constructive criticism.

  3. Two blog posts since the Fearlessness episode aired, and I have still yet to see a shirtless picture of Blake or Michael.

    You're dissapointing me Samuel.

  4. As usual, hit the nail right on the head. If Lily's gonna be a fierce full-figured leading lady, I want her to bring the fierceness ALL THE TIME.

  5. Quick Bitch-- I flippin' HATE the booby dance. Lily, it's not sexy, sassy, or cool-- stop doing it.

    Now that that's been addressed, as a member of a family of six, with every single one of them representing a body image disorder I really cannot stand to watch shows that focus on body image issues, either to mock them or use them "to learn"-- I dealt with that shit my entire life, I'm tired of it. So you can imagine what a breath of fresh air Hannah was (when RM wasn't talking about her weight); and for two episodes, I really thought Lily had the potential to be that as well.
    And then she cried about being big. All of my dreams shattered, and I started wishing she'd just go away.
    But then Slushie Week shows up, and Slushie Lily makes her big debut, and suddenly I loved her again. I totally hope you're wrong, and that this turning point for her was just her getting back on track and not demonstrative of her need for coddling and praise in order to be awesome.

    **Great blog-- and I agree with Bryce-- where's shirtless Blake/Michael? Because Math (and that damn smirk) is SEXY.

  6. LIly is definitely the Lindsay of this season. She would do ANYTHING to win! I think she made that body image issue up just to give the audience and the judges something to work with (I remember how Lindsay started crying in the booth for no reason)
    She is FIERCE! But I am glad she got her confidence back, now that the competition is on!