Sunday, July 15, 2012

Last Chance Girls

Aylin and Nellie are pretty much the last people I expect to end up in the bottom three every week because of how inherently amazing they are, but hey, when you're the production/editing staff, you can literally make ANYTHING happen.

Aylin, girl, I believed it for sexuality, but now I'm getting the feeling that you're going to start having this reaction every week.

"The theme of this week is 'Sado-masochism'."

I can see it now.

Personally, given the choice between Aylin and Lily, I would have definitely gone for Aylin--she was definitely one of the better ones, for sure--but I still think would have had a different overall choice.  I think that what Aylin was doing, again, seamlessly fit together: the way she moved her body, the sensual way she sang it, the look in her eyes the whole time all worked great for a line like 'move your body.'


I'm also SUPER not buying this weird little faux rivalry between the two of these girls.  I'm pretty sure everyone that week gave an interview that sounded something like "God, Lily fucking SUCKS for taking the Jane Lynch mentorship."  Hell, even I hate Lily a little bit for taking that from me, and I only blog about this show.

GIGGLING? Bitches, please.

Girl was GREAT in this video, and the giggling seemed like a pretty legitimate acting choice to me, which she clearly was able to navigate into something a little more devious.  After all, she was able to switch between flirty and cutely conniving... vicious, slushie flinging killer, and the whole thing felt perfectly seamless.

In the end, Aylin does this again, and Ryan Murphy giggles his ass off at the other mentors, and actually says something pretty legitimate for once: Aylin is a game changer.  And not just because I said it first last week.  This girl really has the specific kind of starpower and originality that Glee needs that the other contenders, as insanely talented as they are, aren't equipped to give.  An American, teenaged, R&B focused, Muslim girl? On a hugely popular show like Glee? That's precisely what this country needs to see right now, and if Ryan Murphy has the smarts--which he very well may, at this point--to hand the prize over to this girl instead of one of the cute boys, like last season, he very may be able to help steer Glee back to it's glory days.

"You guys, this is clearly the opposite of the kind of stuff I like to do, I cannot stress how much I DO NOT CARE."

The fact that the producers got someone named Nellie that happened to be a little defeatist on occasion probably sent them into a bunch of giggling fits at the editing board: you guys, they've literally created a 'negative Nellie'.  I HAVE to give them props for that subversive little number.

 "Rofl, I don't give a shit!"

Nellie's homework assignment was pretty much the biggest, most hilarious disaster to happen on this show since...well, this show is kind of a big, hilarious disaster in and of itself.  But regardless, yeah, disaster.  Cute, but not the kind of adorable fuck up that the mentors tend to reward, like Shanna replacing the lyrics to last weeks homework assignment, or Damian calling himself 'Jesse's Girl'.

And for all the commotion about the bathing suits coming from Nellie, it didn't seem like anyone had a particularly positive reaction to them--Nellie's was just the one the editors chose to focus on.  And come on: this episode--fearlessness theme et all--was clearly designed to get someone to be all 'I'm super not comfortable right now, yo.'

Although, maybe being naturally, adorably shy and, well, doing this, probably didn't help her case at all.  I mean, it certainly boosted her stock in my book, but I'm queer like that.

 "Yeah, every single person out there is staring at me right now."
 "Um, fucking DUH girl. Did you hear yourself last week? Even I've got a shiv with your name on it."

As soon as she steps into the vocal booth, however, you instantly see a change in Nellie--she's just like Aylin in that she can basically convey the exact emotion required by the song assigned to her, but there's a little something interesting, unique about the emotions Nellie brings to her performances.  They're her interpretations of them.

And c'mon, TRY telling me that she wasn't fucking AWESOME in the video.  Honestly, Glee Project producers, if you're going to tell me someone is struggling to be sexy (especially Nellie for Christsakes) can you at least prove it to me visually and contextually. Jeez. I thought Barista Babe had a pretty damn good Ursula Andress moment, personally.

And then there was this.  Honestly, I could probably go on for days about how stunning this was, how dramatically beautiful the emotional arc Nellie carried through the performance, how her vocal demolished the otherwise breathtaking offerings of both Aylin and Charlie...

But I figure a shot of Zach Woodlee shedding a tear probably has the same effect.


  1. Absolutely spot on. Both of these girls are the best left in the show. I think I'm a bigger fan of Nellie than I am Aylin, just because when Nellie performs it FEELS real. You can tell that she's pulling all of her real emotions out and laying them out on the stage. Aylin is an incredible performer, but after analyzing it, I think that a lot of it is acting, (Don't get me wrong, it's INCREDIBLE acting that always fits for what the song calls for, but there's more of a lack of real emotions inside of the song). I hope to see these two girls in the final two, but judging on how Nellie barely scraped past this week, I'm trying not to get my hopes to high up for her... which is so BOGUS. Ryan Murphy and the mentors continually critisize her for having insecurities, but isn't that what the show is about? I guess the show is about people who ACT like they have insecurities, rather than people who can admit that they have self-image problems in real life. The ONLY week that seems to be acceptable is Vulnerability week, any other time you show weakness then you're critisized for it. The show is about underdogs and people who aren't super comfortable with themselves, and Nellie is the exact image of that.

    1. I agree with Bryce 1000% I could not of said that any better!

    2. I think the point of the show is being vulnerable, not insecure. And also to overcome those vulnerabilities in a self-accepting way, as opposed to giving into them.

      Otherwise, you should probably take over this blog for me, Bryce, haha.

    3. I can totally understand that. There is definetely a difference between vulnerability and insecurities, and Nellie is probably more on the insecure side. I guess that just makes her easier to relate to somebody like me, who's more on the insecure side as well. It's like Lily Mae saying that she felt comfortable in her body in a swimsuit. That's great for acting purposes, but not everybody feels comfortable in a swimsuit, meaning it's hard for me to relate to her. I guess it's a trade-off between having an actor who's comfortable on camera but less relateable to the audience, and having an actor who has some body-image issues but who the audience can really get behind. Of course, if you can find somebody in the middle, that'd be the perfect solution. But I don't think that in this season, there really isn't a lot of people in the middle. Shanna, Blake, Lily, Ali, and Aylin all seem super confident in themselves. Nellie is a bit more insecure... I guess that Michael and Abraham could be seen as walking the fine line though.
      And just give me the word and I will steal this blog from you. >:D

    4. I think the problem is we know too much about their real lives. Think about the person you identify most with on the show. Do you really think they have those insecurities? Not likely. They're just good actors. If they thought Nellie could pull off being on this show they wouldn't keep dumping her into the bottom 3. That being said, I'd buy anything she sang. And plan to whenever she gets recorded. I really think they have a better shot with an Aylin or Shanna(they don't need more leading guys with the group they have coming back).

  2. I am more of an Aylin fan. I think that Ryan would also choose Aylin for the show if he had to pick between the two of those.
    Nellie is just a cute little ball of talent and even if she can convey so much emotion with her voice and acting, she has no story (which is what this show is all about) Like I don't know how Tyler made it that far with a voice like that, my ears would start bleeding every time he sang (ABC was just a disaster, come on!) The thing is, he has a story! and since Ryan is too lazy to write something, he kept him for longer than he deserved.
    Aylin on the other hand, has something. Ryan would just throw a 7ijab on her head and give her a role in the show. It's not like she has a bad voice either, she is just wow.
    That's why Aylin CAN win!

    1. Sorry meant hijab*
      I am used to typing in arabic :-P
      Also, check this out:
      I don't know if I got it from this blog or not, but I'll just post it anyway

    2. Karim, I hate you 'cuz youse trying to steal my man, but I totally agree with you about Aylin. Girl's got it all going for her-- she takes over Lea's unconventional pretty, she's got her own original backstory for RM to rip off of, and she has an amazing voice (and an adorable lip curl-- seriously, I love that thing).
      Yea Aylin!

    3. Wait, he was never yours to begin with! YOU are the one trying to steal my man!
      Aylin and Lea even have the nose in common, haha! I think Ryan fell in love with that ;-P

  3. I totally agree with you! I really love Nellie'v voice and just overall am a huge fan of her, but it's clear that she isn't going far because they keep focusing in on her 'weakness' (Not standing out enough? Come on.) I didn't really like Aylin that much in the beginning, but now that it's pretty clear Nellie's leaving soon, I think Aylin would be a really good person to have on glee. Especially on a show as big as glee, it's really what the world needs to be seeing. I think she could be really excellent, if she's a good actor. She has a pretty awesome voice.

    And I love Zach woodlee <3

  4. Sam and Bryce, you are both so right. These girls are both amazing and I would be excited to see either one of them on Glee. Even my husband was impressed by them ( he hates all things GLEE). I made him watch the last chance performances and he said "man, if they have this kind of talent available to them, why does the music and acting suck so much on the show".
    Right now, I like Nellie more because she is more relatable. By which I mean I relate to her better, so of course people might disagree with me. I find it annoying that they just treated her body image issues like she was being difficult. Am I the only one who watched her break down over wearing a swimsuit and thought 'eating disorder'? As far as Aylin having a better story, a Muslim girl on TV would be interesting, but didn't Nellie's sister die? While not as inherently part of her character as race/religion, it is something compelling that has not really been done on Glee.
    Oh and I love watching Zach's reactions to last chance performances.