Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Episode Six Rankings

So I had a crazy day today that's resulting in me getting home now (10:30pm). And though it was AMAZING, it also rendered me completely incapable of writing this blog. So without further ado, here are your rankings for LAST week.

9) Michael

This week was hard, because I think everyone actually did a fantastic job--Michael was just the least confident in his awesomeness.  Usually, the way I do this, I have two methods: score card, and high-medium-low piles, this time I used the latter, and I had zero lows.  Even Michael was a very high medium.  He just really needs to put his money where it matters, and get out of his head.

8) Charlie

So I actually did think that Charlie had a fairly weak performance this week, comparatively--the only thing that solidly put him above Michael, actually, was that stellar last chance performance.  Otherwise, I think he forgot some words in the homework, and didn't really push himself until he was up on the chopping block this week.  So LesbiFinn has one of the best Last Chance Performances of all time, but I can also see why he landed there.

7) Shanna

So here's the deal with Shanna: she's got split performer syndrome.  There's giggly, cutesy Shanna, and then there's fierce Shanna.  Whenever she plays the former, it's uninspiring and very generic seeming--I'm telling you, these Southerners think there's something interesting about that pageant queen bubbliness, but that couldn't be further from the truth; it makes them seem vacuous.  Her fierce side, however, is the Southerner I'm interested in: impassioned, strong, ready to fight.  Let's hope we see more of that Shanna, and less giggly Shanna from now on.

6) Nellie

It feels almost dirty putting Nellie this low, because I thought she did AMAZINGLY this week, but she really fucked up the homework assignment, and that is literally the only reason she's here.  Her LCP, video shoot, and vocal were otherwise all totally top notch--the latter being the best parts of both of the two former.  But it just goes to show how amazingly everyone did in this episode that she landed this low.

5) Abraham

Like Lily Mae last week, Abraham actually did pretty well in this episode, but there just wasn't enough of him for me to judge in the video to really put him any higher.  His homework assignment was fabulous, top three overall, but I just got zero sense of what he was doing in the video to be able to critique it.

4) Aylin

What a face...

Aylin did really well in this episode, and was probably the most solidly 'good' performer, but I wouldn't necessarily say she was the absolute 'best' at anything.  Top two in the homework, top four in the video, and, well, everyone who did an LCP this week nailed it, so...I have nothing negative to say.  Other people just did...better.

3) Lily Mae

Lily Mae was definitely back on top of her game this week--winning the homework assignment, working that video like it owed her money, and just generally getting back to being that overall bad ass we met at the beginning of this competition.  Crossing my fingers she stays on this track.

2) Blake

 I had Blake on top of this list for pretty my it's entire inception--he dominated the homework, kicked major ass in the video, SHIRTLESS, and just overall really, really rocked this fearlessness episode like whoa.

1) Ali

But Ali had yet another one of those magical reality television moments in which she completely embraced exactly what the message and challenge of the episode was, and then took it a step farther.  Sure, Blake was technically better on most fronts, but no one quite embraced the spirit of this challenge in quite the way that Ali did.  Get on with your superstar self, girl.

Just don't almost send your body into shock next time. Kthnx.


  1. Ali is definitely showing moxie/initaitive/etc as the season progresses-- girl's making her fans proud. Thank god the outfits were swimsuits this week, b/c then the Costume dept couldn't hate on her.
    Go Ali Go!

  2. I usually agree with you, but come on, Michael was not the worst this week. Not even close. Abraham was non existent in the music video and was mediocre during the homework. Charlie was god awful in the music video. I just don't agree with that ranking

  3. Dude, Ali is fantastic! I wasn't a strong fan of her, but now I am like "Oh my gosh, she is just so freaking into it." I never feel like she puts less than all of her effort and I really really love that. I also love Aylin...I would love her more without the "Did I mention I am a Turkish Muslim?"