Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Episode Seven Rankings

So I've got a confession, this episode was SO hard to rank, that I almost let all these kids slide into the number one space this week.  And then I remember my role in this whole deal: THE BITCH.

8) Abraham

It might just be because I'm still a little annoyed about the androgyny thing (even after Abraham was nice enough to send me a link of his explanation on youtube) but I do feel that, sadly, Abraham merited the lowest ranking this episode.  I loved his video performance, but all of his vocals were strangely weak, especially his last chance one, where he completely forgot the words.

7) Nellie

Another unfortunate low ranking--Nellie had really weak parts in this episode, too, but her saving grace is that she always sounded fantastic, especially in her last chance performance.  However, Nellie was definitely one of the weakest in the video, and the weakest in the homework assignment, so the two of those ended up working against her spectacular voice to land her second to last for her last episode.

6) Michael

Stellar as Michael was in the video, it didn't escape me that he also had possibly the easiest character to portray this week, although I didn't take that into account.  What I did take into were everyone else's performances, which simply out classed him this week.

5) Aylin

Aylin had the same deal as Michael--actually, she pretty much tied him, technically, I just preferred her Madonna to his Elvis.  Had she put a little more effort into the homework assignment, she probably would have ended up in the top three for the week.

4) Blake

Blake had a FANTASTIC week overall, and was probably the best in the video, but at this point, you guys should know that I take a lot more than just performance into account.  While his acting was absolutely breathtakingly lovely, the three people above him managed to pull out three utterly unbelievable, memorable performances that simply outshone his relatively demure achievements.

3) Shanna

BELT TO JESUS IN A MEAT DRESS REALNESS YO.  This will forever be one of my favorite sequencing moments in this show--Shanna's voiceover of how absolutely miserable she was feeling, damn near tears as she spoke as the camera showed her eyes glistening with fire and determination.  That, ladies and gentlemen, is a STAR.

2) Lily Mae

Lily Mae really stepped her game back up this week--apparently a good little talk with Ms. Jane Lynch was just what the doctor ordered. because girl was on FIRE this week--I swear to God, her vocal range even grew an octave.  Lily completely dominated the homework assignment this week, and gave a pretty good performance in the video, despite not being given direction.  And then that LCP...STUNNING.  Had she not stuck her foot in her mouth right after it, Lily Mae might have been looking at her first number one spot of the season right now.

1) Ali

Not to take anything away from Ali, who would like invite us all to kiss her ass--second number one spot in a row, baby!!  Everything worked for Ali this week--she had a bit of Blake's breathless subtlety in the homework assignment, completely killed her vocals, and delivered an otherwise show stealing performance in the music video.  And from the looks of it, we better get used to seeing Ali on top for a while.

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