Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Episode Four Rankings

Hey, I'm actually getting this done on time, kinda.  Not that anyone's gonna read it at this hour.

11) Tyler

Guh, I hate doing this after how well he did last episode, but there's really no way around it: Tyler was the weakest contender this episode.  He really needed to pull out all the stops to show his improvement, but that just wasn't in the cards for him with a theme like sexuality.

10) Arnauz

Arnauz is this low pretty much because I have basically nothing to judge him on.  Seriously, there's nothing for me to rank him high or low, so he's just wherever.

9) Shanna

I almost had to stab myself in the hand to type this, but Shanna really missed the mark this week.  She did very well in the video, as always, but in almost every other aspect of the weeks theme, she either struggled or flat out abandoned trying. I have no doubt that she'll reclaim her place at the top in the coming episode, but this week, girl had the odds stacked against her.

8) Lily Mae

The thing is, I could probably put Lily Mae way higher than this, but I feel like she's not pushing herself to her maximum potential.  There's something she's putting in her way, holding herself back.  She always does good work, but I know she's capable of AMAZING, and until that happens, I'm keeping her in middle ground.

Also, the costume department should be lined up and shot for putting that necklace on her.

7) Ali

I couldn't resist using that shot.

Ali, GIRL, I don't know how else to make you hear me, so I'm going to phrase this in the sassiest, gayest way possible: GIRL, we know you a good actress--STOP REHEARSIN'

6) Blake


I didn't say anything about Blake this episode, so here it is now: Blake did a solid job in everything, and looked hot the whole time.  I have this aversion to talking about him because I feel like he's going to win by the default that he's the hottest guy there.  This kind of pisses me off, given that there are so many people in the competition who, frankly, are just more talented than he is.

I'd probably still sleep with him, though.

5) Charlie

So, I definitely feel odd that I'm putting Charlie this low for this episode (especially considering who I put above him) but it feels right to me.  He was definitely good in this episode, but lacked the sexual finesse that the top four had in spades.  He was more amusing than he was sexy, for me.

4) Michael

So here's the deal: outside of the two main performances this week, Michael was a complete and utter train wreck, and based on that alone, could have easily gone home.  However, when he was on, boy was ON.  He was charmingly sexy in the homework, and flat out sizzling hot in the video.  Had he just been able to pull himself together off the dance floor, he may have even taken the number one spot this week.

3) Abraham

Abraham was kind of the opposite--his performances could have used a little more finessing (and flamboyance!) but his attitude during them was absolutely pitch perfect--technically amazing, but missing a little of that signature Abraham flair.

2) Aylin

It's funny, the closer I get to the inevitable number one seed, the less confident I am in my choices, but then I look behind them, and I'm like, yeah, makes sense.  Aylin was definitely in her element all episode long (and looked drop dead gorgeous, to boot) but...

1) Nellie

There was no one even close to touching this master stroke of a performance. Nellie's going to have her work cut out for her, topping this episode, because honestly, no one has ever had a better performance in anything on The Glee Project.

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