Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Drinking the Kool Aid



Seriously, Abraham, what the fuck was that red shit for? A tribute to communism?  Because, sweetie? THIS IS SO MUCH BETTER.  Like, it's a shame you're not gay, because now that you're hair is all black, I seriously want to fuck you.  Hard.

Speaking of fuckable, this shit was HOT.  Still a little on the fierce side, but appropriately so when you've got Lily Mae straddling your leg like it's the first of the month and she's short on rent.

Also (not pictured) but I loved the tribute to the red hair with the red jeans--an inspired touch.

The mentors were praising him for 'owning his masculinity' or some shit, but honestly, it felt like Abraham had lost a little bit of himself in the video this week.  I enjoyed the more subtle approach last week in vulnerability, where I felt it was duly merited, but here I would have really liked to see Abraham work a little bit of his trade mark flamboyance.

Also, why the fuck is he dressed like a fifth grader? Instantly de-sexifies him.  Especially when, meanwhile, the girls are parading around in essentially nothing--what, they couldn't have thrown a tank top and tight jeans on some of the boys and called it a day?

I don't have anything else to say--I just figured I'd close by giving you guys the opportunity to eye-fuck Abraham some more.

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