Monday, July 2, 2012

Charlie Bit Me

Let's all sexualize that phrase for a second.

There, now don't you feel horrible and dirty?

The same way, perhaps, Charlie is feeling after watching this episode.  Someone help me understand how this:

 "Who are you eyefucking over there?!"

So quickly dissolved into this:

 "Your completely un-encouraged or goaded on eye fucking of Aylin in the vocal booth was the least professional thing I have ever seen on this show."

 "That's right, a show that provides the employ of the sadistically sexist Ryan Murphy and his butt monkey, Zach Woodlee, and you provided the most unprofessional thing I have ever seen."

"Jesus, sometimes I can't believe the scripted in shit they make me spew on this show."


Like, instead of talking about how Charlie did the rest of the episode, let's just point and laugh at The Glee Project production and editing teams for being like, literally the worst people ever to do the jobs they do.  A round of applause, everybody!

Oh fine, I'll actually do my job.

So Naya Rivera pays the Glee Project Prison Camp a visit and gives Charlie a bit of a premature ejaculation that the entire country gets to see.  Have fun with that immortalization, LesbiFinn.

And then he goes ahead and does a pretty stellar job in the video, smacking up some sexy, seasoned ass, and get his dirty on with her.  Way to semi break your girlfriend's neck in the process.

And then we all know where it goes from here.

 "Ryan, why the fuck am I here again?"

"Because Zach and Ulrich have been dipping into my crack basket a little too generously this season, while I'm starting to come off as nearly sane in comparison.  Dude, this is some fucked up show I've created."


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