Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Blond Bombshells

I think there's truly only one way to open up a post title like that:

"I am surging with caffeine and fear."

And that's with half a dozen screen shots of Jane Lynch being a completely and utter BAMF.  Honestly, best guest mentor EVER.  Didn't put on some crazy, grave tone like pretty much everyone else always has for her criticisms--nope, J-Dawg was basically like "eh, this is how it was; I know you can do better, and I mean, why NOT do better?"  GREAT advice from a stunningly talented actress.

I love how Ali's reaction to hearing the song for the week was basically "Fuck yeah, from my days working the poll during hip hop hour! I'm the only one old enough to remember this song existed!"

Speaking of Ali's age, does anyone else also have a hard time thinking of her as a teenager?  There's just some kind of mature quality to her that some of the others--mostly due to their ages--lack.

I thought Ali was decent in the homework, but nothing to really write home about, unfortunately.  Kind of hilariously sexual, making her yet another member of the Glee Project that would have been GREAT in that mixed up adverbs challenge on America's Next Top Model.

This, on the other hand, was DEFINITELY something worth talking about.  It reminded me last year of how Samuel took on his mentorship role with one of the mini-mes so well that I had to put him in the number two spot in my rankings that week--Ali really took the theme and ran with it.

And scared the mentors completely shitless, for which I will always be great for this screenshot.

And Ali pretty much rocked the video, too.  It certainly didn't hurt that she basically got to sing a duet with a major close-up of Blake's package, but then I think on of the camera people might have a thing for that area, but that's for later in the day.  Ali was awesomely energetic, and looked totally fearless in her underwater shots.  Bravo, girl.

Why Shanna reacted to Jane Lynch walking through the door as though death was coming to take her is a little beyond me, but I'll work with it for now.  Plus, that's the least of her concerns.

My main concern with Shanna at this point sounds really silly but...she's really got to stop being so damn cute all the time.  Especially when you get a line like 'hunky-dory'.  What she did with it was really cute, but super off tempo with what everyone else was doing--making complete and utter fools of themselves in a much more serious way.

Since Shanna didn't actually exist outside of her performances this week, I have to skip to the video, which she was also pretty great in--her acting bit with Aylin was one of my personal favorite moments of the video, and I love that she went all Martina McBride on her solo--perfect method of belting to utilize to make her part stand out.

So peace out, bitches.


  1. I cannot believe you went the whole blog without mentioning Shanna's salute to the eighties for the HWA-- bravo.
    Ali does seem older than the others, which is odd since she and Abraham are the same age. But I'm not done rooting for the girl yet, so if they talk about it, I hope they consider just sliding her over to NY as a college buddy for Rachel (b/c we already know she'd fit in fantastically with a performing arts college)

  2. I've noticed that Shanna has really been invisible throughout the whole show. Maybe it's because she's the only one who hasn't performed for Ryan yet, or just because we never get any confessionals from her (which we get plenty of from Aylin-not complaining though). Hopefully she'll blossom into more of a character as the season goes on like Samuel did, but I can definitely see her start to slip down everyone's favorite's list.