Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Beer-Popping Boobies & Carnage Couture

You know, I'm starting to get the feeling that Shanna is never going to do a last chance performance.

"HAHAHA! My lawyers are going to have SO MUCH FUN with this one." 

Hell, at the rate the producers are going--between nearly asphyxiating Ali last week, and giving Shanna every kind of infection known to man this week--none of these kids are ever going to need to work again.

Like, not to be rude, but do any of you guys even care how I thought Shanna did in the homework assignment?

I mean, SHANNA WAS WEARING A MEAT DRESS.  Not only that, but she looked SO HOT doing it, that I'm pretty sure it got barbequed.  You guys, that last shot isn't a video filter--that's just how Shanna looks.  Like, WHOA.

I also like that they gave her Lady Gaga, because, in a way, she and Shanna are quite alike--they're both amazing vocalists, and they both are strong, loving, Christian women.  The similarities kind of falter after that.

I mean, seriously, these are GLAMOUR SHOTS for crying out loud.  There is a raw steak on her face, and she STILL beats Tyra at smizing any day.  So yeah, her acting was stunning, her character throughout was phenomenal, and her vocals were absolutely killer.  This girl doesn't need Glee: she needs her own damn show.

I can believe that Aylin was definitely grieving quite a bit over Charlie during the first day or so after his departure--after all, her homework (where she usually excels) was somewhat disappointingly halfhearted and melancholy, even considering the song they were performing.

But she must have realized that because: HELLO! There are so many vulgar things I want to say right now about Madonna, but that would feel like spitting on a saint.

Aylin, along with Abraham and Ali, I feel got the exact perfect person for her persona.  It seems like people either got characters that either played to their strengths (like the previous three) or characters that directly addressed what they needed to overcome.

Sorry the imagery is so limited this entry, but the shots these two had were so specific, but at the same time so cray strong and amazing in their own way.

Aylin really embodied the overt, often brash sexuality that Madonna exudes even too this day.

Hell, they even paired her with a teenaged boy toy to make the effect all the more real.

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