Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Wind It Back

Looks like I have some essplainin' to do.

So, apparently a lot of you guys took my last post to imply that I thought the contestants were untalented, and only cast for drama, and reading it back, I can definitely see where that's coming from.  Let me set this thing straight:

I think that all of these kids are amazingly talented--they wouldn't be on this show if they weren't, and they have all certainly proved on numerous occasions that they're incredible--possibly even more well rounded than last season (well, except that none of them can dance, really.)

What I am becoming disappointed with is that they aren't being encouraged to shine as themselves, but rather all being reduced to simply promoting their insecurities and struggles, without offering any kind of like 'but I got through it' inner strength resolution.  It's like whoever has the biggest identity crisis/emotional breakdown is being praised the most.

I like a lot of these kids, and I think they all have something interesting to bring to the table (I've even started liking Charlie!) but I don't understand why Ryan Murphy is so hell bent on breaking every single one of them down to the point where they're basically sobbing, begging him to keep them around when they all clearly have significantly more to offer.

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  1. I understood you right away, Sam! But it's still early in the season, so maybe those other sides will become more valued once they establish that the contenders are also the underdogs they are looking for. I mean look at Sexuality week coming up; that's all about confidence. So of course Vulnerability will go one way, but I'm sure the other weeks will value different things. It's about looking for complete people and those insecurities are part of that.