Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Various Vulnerabilities

So, was it just my roommate and myself?

"I'm straight. Yep."

Or did everyone else do a double take at this one?  I missed the first part of the episode for various reasons, but my roommate watched it for me, and here's how him catching me up sounded.

Me: What happened?
Roommate: Um, something weird...idk how to tell you this...
RM: Um, no...I think I heard Abraham say he was straight.
Me: ...my entire existence is a sham.


I mean, I don't know what to be more offended by: the fact that Abraham asserted that having two female parents made him flamboyant (although, to be fair, I was mostly raised by my mother and...well, Abraham and I are basically only differentiated by hair color) or that HE HAS TOTALLY BEEN LEADING ME ON.

You manipulative little shit.  I love you.

He's been doing pretty damn good thus far vocally--maybe a little too Beyonce for what he could be doing with that fine instrument he has, but where he's really lacked until this video was a type of connection.  He just seemed too rehearsed, too polished, too MUCH--all traits that you can definitely find in his homework performance.

However, in the video, he stripped all of that away, and landed something truly vulnerable and simple--an absolutely beautiful display of the kinds of frustration that must come from not fitting into the gendered stereotypes of a heterosexual man.  Good on ya, gaysian.

Although, one thing?

MHMMMM. Girl, I COINED that move.

On a slightly more serious note:

Shanna has taken to stealing Nellie's beverages and trying to poison them, so that she becomes the undisputed best singer in the house.

Er... nice try.

Not that she didn't give it her damndest--easily the only person who came anywhere near topping Nellie's performance this homework assignment.  There was just no way that anyone else was taking vulnerability home except Nellie.

Although way to steal the show here: Shanna was basically the only person with balls to get all personal and stuff.  Everyone else sounded a little, well...rehearsed.  Like they knew exactly what they were going to say, and how they were going to say it, whereas last season, people just broke the fuck DOWN.

And once again, Shanna basically makes the rest of the cast look like a bunch of her overly-present back up singers in the music video.  This was like, a Kelly Clarkson level amazing.  Keep it up, Shanna: I'm expecting a lot out of you.

And lastly there's Ali.

"Dudes, I am TOTALLY fucked this week."
"Like, I physically can't stop smiling, or I die."

Whom I thought was pretty much hilarious all episode long, as I kinda of always do.  She's a great singer, and a great performer, but so BLATANTLY a Broadway girl in every sense.  Honey, don't worry, I definitely think of you doing shows and singing before I get anywhere near the wheelchair thing.

Like this.  I was so stoked to see how Ali was going to turn dance pop somber.  Answer? She didn't. AT ALL. And it was RESPLENDENT.

"I just don't understand why I can't throw a few giggles into this part."

Watching this girl interact with Nikki every week reminds me of what it would look like watching a bunny get stabbed to death by a jackhammer.  I mean:

 "There we go, there's the Ali I want to watch roll slowly backward into a pit of acid, begging for her life as it licks at her tires. Burn little bunny, BURN."
"I can't believe you're going to be allowed to raise children."

Yep, jackhammered bunny.

I think the only thing that may have saved Ali from the bottom this week, was her acting, which is always just on a completely different level than most of the contenders.  She really knows how to work the lighting and dimensions of a scene to get across exactly what she wants to.

How can you not want to take that in your arms, and hold it until it feels safe again? I mean, SERIOUSLY.


  1. when abraham said he was raised with two females in the house, I thought he meant a mom and a sister - just because he always talks about his mom (singular) in interviews and such

  2. I need to catch this show. I am so old.
    I love your use of the word RESPLENDENT.
    Gee, I wonder where Bridget gets her sassy.

  3. Abraham says in his audition video that one of his biggest problems he's overcome is forgiving his father for domestically abusing his mother. I think that Abraham's referring to the two females in his house as being his mother and sister, the family members he's emotionally connected to the strongest.

    Yeah, but gaysian is no longer applicable. *jaw drop*