Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Two Types of Diva

So, I'm doing the next couple of posts from my Spanish class, and my teacher is pissed at my, but hey, I have deadlines.

So despite the fact that we already know that Lily is a stone cold killer, we also find out that she is exactly what we expect her to be: a fierce bitch.

"I want the pretty diva girl dead."

Although after that performance, Lea's got her number.  Home and cell.

No idea what sparked this.  Girl, let me ask you something real quick:

In what way is that girl not strikingly beautiful?  That's the least of your worries.

What you should be worried about is that, after that fantastic, hilarious performance in the music video (not to mention your stellar homework performance) the mentors still seemed to think you were weak enough to put in the bottom.  In all likely hood, it was probably just the wrath of Lea Michele, trying to ruin your chances before you can replace her, but still--you're clearly one of the front runners.  Start acting like it.

Tyler, Tyler, Tyler.  Because I love you dearly, I'm opening with this endearing, adorable screenshot to help people remember how much of a cutie-patootie you were for the first part of the episode, forgetting what...well, what happened.

At first I tried to blame nerves for whatever the hell kind of paralysis got you stuck in this pose for a full fifteen seconds, while you squeaked through the word 'superstars'.

And I even giggled the hell out of the fact that you had no idea what the hell was going on with the choreography.  I mean, no one did--you just picked a really bad place to stand.

"I have issues."

Oh honey, that doesn't even begin to cover it.

I don't necessarily feel the need to discuss the video, because it was such a minor part of the story line they were telling with Tyler--basically, he was fine in it, it didn't help or hurt him.  What will hurt him in the future is this scene, where he basically just gave up on the song, instead of trying to figure out something to make it his own.  You know who else did that?  This guy.

The most hilarious part being that, while not exactly impressive, he did present kind of a compelling last chance performance, and he didn't really sing it all that badly.

Tyler is a very compelling person, a very nice person.  Unfortunately, I have a feeling that whatever is holding Tyler back has less to do with the inspiring transition he's going through, and more to do with the fact that...well, he's kind of a diva.

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  1. First of all, long time reader of your blog, even when we very rarely disagree. i'm looking forward to your comments this season. i've read a lot of people hated Tyler. i don't get it. True, his singing was not the best. But, people don't seem to get that when you're transitioning, you're basically going through adolescence again, especially ftm, especially vocally. So, he's having to work with a voice that is developing at the moment, so i guess i give him a little leeway with that. Maxwell was gorgeous with a great voice, but i just got the feeling he wasn't right for the show. I mean, does he even watch "Glee"?

    Moving on to Lily. I want to know all your thoughts on her. Especially the promo. Tell me your gonna give your thoughts on the promo "this season on the glee project" and all the fighting and Lily's cursing. i'm excited for that!

    Keeo up the blog! :-)