Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Time For A Quickie...

So, let's rip through who's left, shall we?

During the first couple of minutes of this episode, I started wondering if I'd been too hard on this kid.  He's clearly got talent to spare, and energy like a caffeinated toddler, and he's a total sweetheart.

And then I remembered: he's completely full of himself.  I'd go through and pick out all the obnoxious things he said during the episode, but I'm watching the episode on mute, so my teacher doesn't notice.

I'm a bad, bad boy.

For all his talk about being an actor (what is everyone else, then, by the way?) he was pretty mediocre in both the homework assignment and the video.  Totally blended into the background whenever the camera wasn't focused on him.

I will forever love Dani for making Zach so completely disturbed and uncomfortable.  Also, for reminding me why I am neither attracted to women nor Justin Bieber, although she is certainly a very pretty version of both.

Quickly speaking, Dani is...adorable.  Lea Michele's orgasm over her may have been slightly awkward and uncomfortable (apparently that sorta thing just follows Dani around...as Lea may also start doing) but certainly deserved--there's something amazingly magnetic about Dani as a performer, as well as a character.  If she doesn't go far, I'll be absolutely shocked.

Girl, WERQ.  No idea why, but this was fabulous.

As was this.

Um...not so much.  Girl, kill whoever did this to you, bury them in a shallow grave, and have a homeless man pee on it.  You look like a zombie drag queen.

Which, in it's own way, IS fabulous, but certainly not in a way that you want broadcasted on national television.

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