Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Soul Sisters

So, Robbie decided that last season was lacking in soul or something, because we got it hardcore it the coming months.

FOR INSTANCE.  Like, come on you guys, Arnauz/Mario is BAMF.  Even all his fellow contenders are already bowing down, every single one of them predicting he'd be the next one to walk through the door.

And for his little spiel about wanting to be perceived as cute and talented before being seen as blind...

Cute? Check.

Talented? MEGA CHECK.  Like, holy crap balls.  I thought his voice was going to rip a hole in my television screen it was so powerful and pure.  Try matching that vocal standard, Gleejects.

And that level of dedication.  This scene was amazing and inspiring.  He should have placed first just for being that crazy talented.

As for the mentors bullshit bottom six placement about having to figure out some way to convey emotion without the use of his eyes, here's an idea, assholes: give him something other than close ups. Now feel free to carry on with your ego addictions.

And as invisible otherwise as she may have been in this episode...

She sure as hell showed up strong whenever she was singing.

Although maybe a little awkward in the video.  I know that's how she sings (and lord knows I'm a fan of that) but she looks a bit like she's catching flies in all the stills I have of her.

Still, she gets her slut on in a major way next episode, so at least we won't be able to see down her throat, since Lily's tongue will be in it.

Can someone explain to me how this bubbly little ball of fluff went from one of the strongest and most animated in the homework assignment...

To one of the very weakest in the video?  What could have possibly happened in the interim to...

"I LAUGH at your feeble emotional connection to your mother.  Oh humans."

Oh, right.  How could I forget.  Before Nikki pulled her little bitch ballistics, Taryn was doing pretty okay, but her little Jedi mind games tricked Taryn into believing she wasn't confident.

Well, until they handed her an axe, that is.  Anyway, Taryn's going to be just fine: she's cute, and she's got one of the best voices in the group, so I predict she'll stick around for a little while at least.

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