Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Solidly Sublime

It's weird, I kept these three for last because they were the least drama-rific of the whole episode, and yet:

That's my bad, because these three gave this most touching, subtle performances out of the whole video--sublime kicking seriously ass.

Unfortunately, we're tight on time, so let's get kicking.

I guess Aylin does have a little drama going on with Lily.  Maybe it's the hair color.  Only one ginger biscuit can remain.

They make up later. 

Not that there's nothing to compete about--Aylin and Lily are both pretty stellar singers.  All the girls this season have been pretty amazing, actually.  Not a single weak one in the bunch.

The reveal about being taunted for being Muslim was the one vulnerability that really got to me.  Aylin is totally such a sweet, fun, talented, All-American girl, who's also Muslim.  How on earth that could possibly make her a terrorist is beyond me.

Except for the fact that she is probably terrorizing her competition.  If I had to pick, I'd say Nellie took the homework assignment, but Aylin definitely took the video.

Tyler had a pretty amazing episode too, especially after the past two disastrous weeks--I think he may even be in my top half.  This homework performance was great--he's really getting the hang of his voice fast.

"Tyler, what were you bullied for?"

 "You're...you're serious? For real?"

It really is upsetting, just how misunderstood transgenderism is, especially since it makes it all that more confusing to actually BE transgender, if you yourself don't know what you're going through.  Tyler, thank god, seems to have adjusted beautifully.

I mean, as long as he's not dancing, he's one of the stronger video contenders, I'd say.  Speaking of which, why the hell was Zack on set this week?

So, props for improving--here's to hoping he keeps it up.

You guys are WELCOME.

Oh who are we kidding--this is my desktop background right now.  I'd also like to note that Michael and I have the same taste in clothing.  JUST SAYING.

"I'm not that experienced with being vulnerable, since I'm so young."

Yeah Weisman, the same way kittens and ducklings aren't experienced with being vulnerable.

I have no idea what this kid's preoccupation with his age is, but I mean...

There is definitely something going on there.  I don't know what it is yet--though I have my suspicions--but Michael looked positively TERRIFIED during the session with Eric.  Whatever is going on there, it's definitely coming out sometime this season.

As is typical with Michael, he faired well in both the homework and in the video, but the latter completely eclipsed the former.  And for all the talk about Blake being the best actor, I definitely have to say that Michael was much more nuanced in this video.

Oh, and before I forget...


And on that note, enjoy "Sexuality" RIGHT NOW you guys!!


  1. I've been waiting for an appropriate time to post this but, Michael--looks a bit like Taylor Lautner, no? Not an exact doppelganger, but similar face shapes, etc.?

  2. Hi,
    I just stumbled upon you're blog while googling the glee project, and I have to say I LOVE YOU. Everything you say is either what I was thinking during and episode or what I *should* have been thinking. And you put it into words so perfectly. So, thank you.
    Now excuse me while I go finish reading all your posts.