Wednesday, June 20, 2012


I think I speak for all many of us when I say:


I cannot even begin with this episode--what the hell was everybody on?  You know, when I started blogging this show, it was FANTASTIC, now they can hardly get through a six minute interval without someone crying over WHAT MAKES THEM SPECIAL.  This is the whole issue with Glee, or rather:

THIS is the whole issue with Glee.  Listen, Asshat McSgtPepper, you run a television show; an (inexplicably) successful one, which you turned into 27 Names For Tears faster than most people can snap their fingers.  Then you had this show, which is production GOLD, and instead of keeping it a competition, finding the most talented, deserving, hardworking kids to be on your legit show, you turned it into some sort of counseling session, a boot camp to turn these amazingly talented, unique kids into underhanded, weepy, insecure shitholes.

WHO THE FUCK DOES THIS TO PEOPLE?!  And then on top of that, LIKES THEM BETTER FOR IT?  How does hating yourself equate to 'more real'.  What kind of show is this, exactly, where the entire key to winning is ripping everything you like about yourself into tiny little shards, and then balling your eyes out, on your knees in front of some balding, middle aged gay dude, with no fashion sense and no idea how to carry a plot for longer than a pilot episode.  It's FUCKING SICK.

Against all reason, I'm still planning on blogging the remainder of this season.  I love the kids on it--I think they're all amazingly talented, and I really want to see what happens this season.

I just hope this side of them can survive it.


  1. Ian Brennan honestly should be the one running this show...

  2. No, you don't speak for all of us. I respect your opinion but I have a really diferent one. I don't agree with it being like... "tearing kids apart". Everyone had something bad happen in his life. And if you're an actor, you need to bring it up. Dig deep. You can't play something sad if you have no idea what it feels like. Well, okay, you can pretend, but it's never gonna be as believable as it possibly could be. So with "vulnerability theme" this week - judges were really trying to help improve contestants' acting. And also - if you are able to talk about something bad in your life and express you feelings (not suppress them), you are much more closer to actually accept it. So they might have helped them to feel better about bulying and all that stuff that has been mentioned. Of course, I wouldn't want any of my "blue" stuff to be discussed on TV in front of eyes thousands of strange people. But that's another thing. Okay, so I just wanted to express my own opinion to make you know, that people can really have different points of view at this topic.

  3. Preach.

    While I think Lucie has a point about actors needing to access difficult emotions, I think Ryan Murphy is kind of sick. He ruined Glee by turning every single episode into a "very special episode", now he is doing it to this show. I also agree with you that these kids are fantastic, so I will keep watching. I think Lily Mae or Mario could have gone home this week, but they both had great last chance performances. I would have sent Mario home because, vulnerable or not, Lily Mae kicked that songs ass, and it is not an easy song.

    I am actually starting to like Charlie, against my own will, but I think he is talented and I find myself rooting for him. And, I actually agree with Ryan that his interpretation of "Fix You" is one of my favorite Glee Project moments.

    Thanks for this blog. I love it, even when I don't agree with you (which isn't very often).

  4. I can't help but say that I still really liked the episode... I got to see another side of people and wonder if it was real or not. It was the theme of the week, to make yourself vulnerable. All of those people have gone through stuff and the week was bringing it all back. I know that some of it was a little cheesed up, but still it was deep on some levels... And as for the whole keeping everyone thing, they like had an extra week because taryn left, so I thought that that would happen eventually.