Sunday, June 17, 2012

Let's Look At Some Boys...

So, nothing fucking happened storyline wise for the bromance of the century.

But they sure as hell wiped the floor with everyone else this episode, didn't they?  Must be uh, some kind of special communication or bond they have together that makes their bodies...uh....move in such harmony with each other...

...but let's just assume they're fucking.  It's more fun for me that way.

Hey, you don't give me material to work with, I make some up for you.

Although they're going to need to get a bit more subtle about it--ripping off each others moves in the hw assignment isn't exactly the best way to keep it a secret that you're staying up all night 'practicing' together.

I wonder when these two are going to figure out that they are essentially each others only competition.  Cute, young, white, muscles.  If I had to weigh them against each other now, Michael is definitely the better singer, and the better performer; Blake is better at drawing attention to himself.  Also, whomever can figure out for me where Blake gets...literally whatever they want. I MUST HAVE THAT SHIRT.

But, yeah, Michael did much better in the homework assignment than did Blake, who really struggled with the notes he had to hit, it seemed.  Props for sliding down the banister though.

Shockingly enough, Michael also kind of outshone Blake in the music video, too.  Where as Blake probably had the choreography more down out of the two, Michael really captured the essence and energy of, you know, being wasted out of your mind as a high school party--something tells me that that isn't the first time kid's been covered in tortilla chips, mindlessly wriggling around in some pretty girl's lap.

Plus, the end that Michael had for the choreography (see a few photos up) was freaking HOT.

So I guess, the real point of this blog post is...

Are you Team Blake, or Team Michael?



  1. Michael, at least for now, seems to have much more substance and personality than Blake does, but the editors haven't been showing much of Blake, and if they do, that might change, but, for now, Michael is my favorite.

  2. Michael all the way.

    Is it just me or does Blake look like Chord Overstreet?

  3. Michael, but only beacause he is a math geek.

  4. Team Michael, of course. I've had a crush on him since I first saw him in the Edge of Glory video. He's so hot and adorable!
    This screenshot:
    O-M-G! ♥

  5. Before tonights episode, I was team Michael, but now I'm team Blake.

    Neither of them are my favorite though.

  6. Team Blake. I'm a sucker for cute parrot salesmen.

    Michael is pretty cute too though. And he likes calculus which is adorbs. :3