Tuesday, June 5, 2012


You guys, we've all been painfully, patiently waiting for this day, and it's finally come:


But more importantly:

SO AM I, ringing in the second season of The Gleek Project! That's right, you're looking at fifty-eight percent of the reason this show was renewed right there.

But let's talk about less important matters right now.

Yes, Lea Michele is going to be the first guest judge this season, after getting fired being too famous to actually judge the first season of this bastard child of Ryan Murphy's.

Now, we could, like, legitimately discuss this little blip, ORRRR, we could play a drinking game called 'What was really going through Lea's head.'

I think you all know where this is going.

 "Hi future choir room props and career stealers!"

Abraham: "Girl please, I gots loads more talent than you."

 "Right, keep telling yourself that, Kool Aid-sian."

"Now guys, let me tell you all something."

"I, like the rest of heterosexual America, totally ignored this show last season.  Listen, if Asshat McJUMPTHESHARK wants to play Tyra for hot second while the ratings of his legit show plummet into the outskirts of oblivion, that's fine. I have better things to do anyways."

"So true!"

"Preach, sistah!"

 "Lea, I fired y..."
"HAHAHAHA!! Don't make me laugh! Lea Michele does not get fired! Lea Michele MADE this show--it's not my fault you couldn't handle this much talent without forcing it to pine over some pitchy ogre for three years.  Bitch please--where was Blake in initial casting?"
 "Dude, for the last time, I am NOT BLAKE."
 "Whatever, without me, this show isn't going to make it half a season. I'm off to bigger and better things."

"What? Star in another Ashton Kutcher movie?"


You guys can go and check out a BAJILLION more preview videos of the show today at WiredSet's Youtube page, as well as the video I got all these screen shots from, which I've also posted below.

I've got one more surprise for you guys today, but rest assured, it's pretty effing awesome.  Well, at least, I think it is.

So...who's gonna be lipsynching for their life? Who's gonna win the homework assignment? Who will Ryan Murphy inexplicably send home first--you tell me!