Wednesday, June 13, 2012

First Episode Rankings

So I'm at work, and woke up too late to put up a post from the second episode, so I'll just give you guys the Rankings from episode one today.  I'll be covering Dani and whomever else I feel like tomorrow. ;)

Remember, this is for the FIRST EPISODE ONLY.

14) Tyler

It's hard to put this kid here, after such a spectacular fall from grace (at least in my eyes) but I can't justify putting anyone else in this position.  Tyler, babe, BRING IT from now on.

(Spoiler, you kinda do in the next episode, so yay!)

13) Maxfield

Here's the deal with Maxfield: I actually really liked what he came up with last week, but I could see how he was totally wrong for Glee.  Given that, it only makes sense to put him so low.

12) Nellie

Shut up, Nellie Nerds, I still love her, she was just crazy awkward this episode in both the homework AND video.  Once she gets her Glee legs (Glegs?) I have no doubts that she'll come out on top quite often.

11) Blake

There there, babycakes, I'm sure we can find you a higher place on this list.  Just be more naked.  And make eye contact during next week's homework.

10) Charlie

I'm still giving him credit for being pretty talented, and having great energy, but I hate his attitude, and he was mediocre in all objective components from this week, so...hey, at least he's top ten!

9) Taryn

Taryn, sweetie, don't let Nikki get to you so hard--you were FABULOUS in the homework assignment.  Now keep that attitude, and you'll be just fine...except for the fact that you leave.

8) Ali

Ali, I thought, was a pretty fabulous person, but comes off maybe a little TOO poised and practiced, which actually hurt her in her real strength: acting.  I'll be interested to see her be a little more raw in the coming weeks.

7) Abraham

Mmkay, Skittles.  You still broke the top half of my list, but I expect a little much bite next time, you hear me?  And take off the jacket.

6) Michael

Michael actually surprised with just how good of a performer he was--one of the best in the homework, I think, even though his vocals in the video sounded a little weird.  I think he may be a pretty legitimate threat in this competition.

5) Dani

I'd say Dani was another one to be worried about but...yeah.  Still, great performance this episode, girl.

4) Arnauz

I think Mario/Arnauz may have the strongest male voice in the competition, and he definitely has a work ethic to die for.  We'll see how he develops as this goes, but I'm feeling good about him, too.

3) Lily Mae

Lily Mae definitely had one of the top three homework performances, and was pretty much the only person to give Shanna a run for her money in the video.  Just build up that confidence, girl.  Don't be so defensive.

2) Aylin

I don't think anyone has ever made this big a rankings jump EVER, but that last chance performance was breathtaking.  Truly deserved.

1) Shanna

Strongest single episode performance in Glee Project history. No one even came close to touching her this week.  Shanna is definitely the one to beat.

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  1. I should be mad at you for putting Nellie so low, but I'll forgive you since my other 3 favorites all made top 3. And I agree with Shanna's performance in the episode, it was probably on par with Marissa (NEVER FORGET) in the Pairability episode.