Thursday, June 7, 2012

Fed To the Wolves

And thus it begins again:

Glee cuts the only blatantly heterosexual guy first.

"I've only been performing about six months now; 'Born This Way'...I don't think I've listened to it all the way through..."

In all fairness, between the mention every three seconds that he'd only been singing for a hot second, and the fact that up on the chopping block, they were already like 'SO BORED' it wasn't hard to understand why Tex was put out to pasture.

Plus, honey, 'Born This Way'? Pretty much the most culturally significant song of 2011.  Get with the program.


Sigh. I feel kind of bad, that I essentially called this a while back (did I? Someone check for me) but as cute as the kid was, as soon Nikki makes this face:

you pretty much know your time is up on this show.  Also, I think her make up routine is literally comprised of her soaking her eyelids in crude oil.

Maxfield in the video.  I like, don't really have a lot of commentary.  He was serviceable, but definitely not an actor.  I thought it was pretty mean (and very telling) how the mentors basically just ganged up on him and ripped him apart, basically saying that he had all the personality of skim milk (Zach telling him to act like Mario in the video was just nasty) but I can't exactly disagree.  You have facial muscles for a reason, Tex--use them.

Maxfield probably could have easily won a show like American Idol, where relateability and authenticity are basically the only tools one needs in order to win (singing is generally optional) but for a show like the Glee Project, which is essentially RuPaul's Drag Race Juniors, you essentially need to play a character the whole entire time.  Narcoleptic Willie Nelson just isn't the kind of character that inspires people like Ryan Murphy.  Or apparently me, since this is the worst freaking blog post I've ever done.

Go on American Idol, Maxfield!  You're cute, white, male, and country--you're basically guaranteed the win!


  1. "RuPaul's Drag Race Juniors" LMAO! Sam, how I've missed thee!

  2. You're sorta right. I thought he sounded so GOOD, but really, his acting sorta WAS like skim-milk boring.
    I was sad to see him go, though.

  3. He kind of had an I-can't-believe-I'm-on-camera look in the video. Don't underestimate yourself on the Blog post -- I think the picture of him being cut in paper/scissors/rock was hysterically funny. I think when he was cut Chord Overstreet fans breathed a sigh of relief, because as soon as Max opened his mouth I thought "Why do they have Chord singing country when they could have this guy?"