Thursday, June 14, 2012

Farewell to Lady Biebs

So, before we get to Dani this week, we should probably discuss Taryn for a second:

Taryn has apparently had a rough year, so I can't exactly blame her for wanting to leave, but I can't help but be a little disappointed that she won't be finishing up the season--from the looks of it, she was definitely one of the more intrinsically talented people there.

Hope you feel better, Taryn!

And now onto the Lady Bieber, looking as though she's just messed herself at the thought of being judged on dancing.

"Dude...moving? To a beat? Not my swag, yo."

I'm sorry, but the last time I checked, your doppelgĂ„nger is pretty good at dancing.  Since that's your schtick, shouldn't you at least be able to do so ironically, like a good little hipster?  I mean, you said swag enough times this episode to get me gagging, and what more:

You wear that hoodie like it's your business.  Well, I mean, I guess it kind of is, when you think about it.

I say this with affection, but that blazer is NOT a good look for you.  You look like a linebacker going to first communion.

Also, I missed the homework assignment the first time around, so I had no idea how good it actually had been, but HOLY SHIT.  That was absolutely spectacular.  I mean, they're clearly getting significantly more time to work on it, and they might even be recording and lip-synching now, but the whole number was sensational--the choreography, the vocals--AMAZING.  I still can't get over it.

I'm relying mostly on photos from the shoot coz the actual video was a complete shit show (as they tend to be when the choreography is mega fucked up) but from what I can remember, Dani was utterly hilarious, and created a legitimate character.  Sure, she flubbed the choreography, but since when is that an issue on this show?

I suspect that no matter how well Dani did in her last chance performance, her name was winding up under that sparkly 'not called back' label.  Honestly, she did a pretty good job, but the idea the Tyler represents, and the ferociously sensual (not to mention dance-y) performance that Lily ended up pulling out were going to out weigh whoever else happened to land in that hot seat.  I'm just thankful it wasn't Nellie.

Anyways, good luck Dani--go do something cute and musicky with your talents.  I fear that Glee just may have been the wrong venue for you, regardless of how much you wanted it.

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