Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Episode Two Rankings

So, I'm a little embarrassed, but I just didn't have time to go over everyone this week.  I won't make excuses, but I will definitely be covering everyone next week.  I love you guys too much to do this to you again.

Anyways, let's get on with trashing everyone's self confidence and looking at ridiculous photos of them trying to dance.

12) Charlie

Make no mistake--this list is ENTIRELY subjective.  I have no idea if he actually did well this episode because he does absolutely nothing for me.  Finn 2.0.

11) Tyler

The screen shot pretty much says it all, but I guess I'll extrapolate, since I never got to his post: Tyler deserved to be in the bottom 3, possibly even eliminated on the technicality of his video performance.  However, his attitude was what needed the biggest shift from last episode, and that's what he made happen, and on top of that, his last chance performance was a dramatic enough improvement to keep him over Dani.  I'm not saying I would have, personally, but hey this was the dance episode, this is pretty much a triumph, as far as I'm concerned.  Keep it up, latte boy.

10) Lily Mae

So here's the deal: I didn't mind how Lily was portraying herself in the video--Zach takes shit way too seriously.  However, it can't be denied that Lily didn't challenge herself on any level--she was the goofy girl with the basic dance steps.  Her last chance performance was pretty awesome--the best of the night, really, but overall, she was probably the worst in the video, and the recording booth from what I could see.

Oh, and girl needs to learn when to 'shut-up-and-get-the-high-paying-job-on-Glee.'

9) Ali

Ali really suffered this week, technically, and honestly, I think it was very fishy that she didn't end up on the hot seat for the bottom three--her homework and video performance were both really weak. It would have certainly been awkward for the show to put her in the bottom in the dance episode, but I think that her acting and vocal choices in the homework and video should have put her there.

8) Mario

I was a little disappointed in Mario this episode--I expected a hell of a lot of attitude, like he usually gives, but he just seemed off all episode long.

7) Shanna

Yeah, I can't really find fault with Shanna in this episode, but I can also barely find her period.  Like, I couldn't even get a usuable screen shot of her in the video.  In the long run, still one of the strongest players, but a little too background this episode.

6) Dani

I think Dani actually did really well this episode, and I don't think I would have put her anywhere near the bottom three--I think I may put more emphasis on the homework assignments, seeing as a video can be edited to show pretty much anything they want it to, and her homework was pretty awesome.  She also had one of the better characters in the video, but not doing any dancing all episode long (even in the homework) really shot her ranking in the foot.

5) Nellie

I was actually...well, no, I wasn't surprised they put Nellie on the bottom--Glee does that kind of shit.  It's annoying.  Girl tore it up this episode, vocally, and was another one that created a great character for the video.  Her homework was kinda cute, too.

4) Abraham

SEE?!  His homework performance this episode would have pretty easily put him on top this episode, but then he had to go majorly fuck up the video.  Bitch gave good face, but his acting was dreadful.  It's going to be really interesting to see how he deals with 'Vulnerability.'

3) Aylin

It was great to see Aylin really get her mojo on this episode--girl is definitely toward the top of the heap with this group, and it's great that she's feeling more comfortable.  I had sort of written off her chances before, but now that she's turning into a raging slut?  Girl's gonna be just fine.

One last thing:

You're trying to kill your mother, aren't you?

1) TIE: Blake & Michael

It took me a very long time to decide to give both these two boys the number one spot, but honestly,
a lot of their massive success in the video fed off of one another.  Blake ended up dominating the homework assignment, with how much he was able to move around, and Michael was better able to convey a high school party boy in the video.  Either way, you couldn't take your eyes off them...for various reasons.

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