Saturday, June 30, 2012

Episode Three Rankings

So as there is no episode this upcoming week, I decided I would take a brief vacation (i.e. focus more on my paying job) from The Gleek Project.  I needed to take half a second to breathe, honestly.

But now my bitch-o-meter is overflowing, and these kids are just what the doctor order.  Meat? Get ready to get GRILLED.

11) Arnauz/Mario

You know what's worse than performing really terribly?  Asserting you did perfectly when pretty much everyone in charge of your fate is suggesting otherwise.  Should have gone home on attitude alone--somewhere, Ellis is throwing a well-deserved bitch fit.

10) Lily Mae

What's bothering me about Lily, is that she seems inhibited by what should be making her one of the strongest players in the game: her attitude and her training.  Somehow, her confidence is making her debilitatingly self-conscious, and her training is weakening her ability to sing the songs she's given in the correct manner.  Duffy is not a Broadway belter, sweetie--you gotta insert some soul into your singing stylings.

9) Ali

As much as I personally enjoyed Ali's bubble-gum-sunshine versionof vulnerability this week, there's no side stepping the fact that she just didn't know how to drop that wall preventing her from getting truly raw and emotional.  Sure, the acting was very good, but it was also very noticeably acting.

8) Blake

Yeah, you guys, no.  I have no idea what brand of crack the mentors had dripping out their nasal cavities, but Blake just honestly wasn't that good in this episode, especially coming off last week's amazing performance.  He's a sweet kid, and he's got the goods to make it in the acting world, but this wasn't his finest effort.

7) Charlie

So now that's I've officially drunk the Charlie kool aid (this season is all about kool aid for me) I'm able to see him in a much more fair, objective light.  Also, he said that he and I should have a Kiki, which automatically gives pretty much anyone the keys to my heart.

That said, there were a few times this episode I just wanted to be like 'no, sweetie, noooooooo' when he certain things.  Thankfully, one of those things was seriously nail that 'Fix You' performance, so we get to bathe in his goofy LesbiFinn glory for just that much longer.

6) Abraham

Here's the deal, boo: you need to stop diva-ing out in your homework assignments, because they pretty my disable me from taking you at all seriously for the rest of the episode, which is truly tragic when you end up being top three on my list in the video shoot.

5) Tyler

Tyler really should have been able to top my list this episode, I think, given just how naturally vulnerable he was in the homework and in the video.  I think Tyler's issue may be that he doesn't know how to push things the right way.  A little more 'hurt' and 'soft' in both his video and homework performance, and he would have put the rest of these kids to complete and utter shame.

4) Aylin

I think the reason I respond so well to how Aylin described her vulnerabilities is just how unfair they are.  Sure, all bullying is completely unfair, but there is some severely 'McCarthy Trials' shit going on in this country right now surrounding the concept of Islam, and it's just absolutely revolting.  I'd personally like to see Aylin win this competition, because I think she would be an excellent addition to such a mainstream American show.  It doesn't hurt that she also consistently kicks major ass--some of the best acting in the video this week.

3) Michael
The thing I like about Michael is that he embodies what show business should be, to me: hardworking on screen, interesting, yet low key off screen.  There's some big build up towards Blake being the leading male cast member among the mentors, but I think Michael has definitely shown that he's the dark horse of this competition.  I'm expecting big things out of this kid.

2) Shanna

Shanna may not be the best actress, but HOT DAMN if she can't refocus an entire video in her direction. That girl is like a avalanche of singing prowess--she and Nellie are seriously in quite the power struggle, vocally...

1) Nellie

But the edge that Nellie has is that, while Shanna is all about belting power, Nellie's voice has the kind of emotional depth that comes from within.  I don't doubt that the other contenders express themselves, emotionally, through song, but the way Nellie does it, you can really feel what she's feeling, and somehow also bring it back to yourself.  That's quite an amazing talent to have, and I'm thankful she's being recognized for it.  Keep kicking ass, barista babe.

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