Sunday, June 10, 2012

Bring on the Boys

There is a God.

But for real.

I love Abraham so much, that it's kind of hard to be mean to him, but girl?  Elton John called.  He wants you to TONE IT DOWN.  When you start matching your outerwear to your hair, it's time to re-assess your plan of attack.

And stop assaulting your jacket lapels like they insulted your mother.

Anyways, Gaysian did us a solid, RuPauling the crap out of this thing like only--I imaginejudging by the looks of this crowd--he is capable of doing.  Keep up the sass, mon ami.  I promise to try to say bitchier things about you next week.

And now for the bromance of the century.

Or not.  These two were so disappointingly NOT shirtless all episode, despite epic bicep shots for each.  But don't you worry, Gleeks.

This is on the horizon at some point.

Blake kinda sorta bored the crap out of me this episode, with his strange affinity for keeping his clothes on, but he's still a solid competitor.  I was giggling like crazy when Robert and the Pips were all like 'OMG, he looks so NATURAL ON CAMERA SO SURPRISED WHOA.'  Dudes, the kid is a bonafide Abercrombie model.  Like he was going to look bad.

To steal a line from straight up Glee, however, the Bieber hair has GOT to go.

And now onto my future boyfriend...

 "I haven't had a lot of...time to figure out who I am."

Sweetheart, chill.  It's Glee, not the Hunger Games.  You'll be fine.  Now take off your shirt and let's go cuddle somewhere.

HELLO BICEPS.  I actually did happen to be really impressed with how he carried off his role in this song, but mostly, I think I was just thinking of how cute that vest would look on me when we eventually share a wardrobe.

This is the only shot I could get of Michael in the video that wasn't really weird, but he was oddly enough, probably one of the better dancers.

Yeah, with a pout like that, he'll be around for a while.


  1. Do I need to say how amazing your blog is?

  2. Ummmm back off, he's mine! I love him (Michael). No, but seriously, this made me chuckle heavily. I'll be sure to check back frequently!

  3. "It's glee, not the hunger games..."