Saturday, June 23, 2012

Bottom Boy

Get your minds out of the gutter.

I mean, seriously:

Charlie is so OBVIOUSLY a top.

"Whenever I want to get in touch with my true feelings, I turn to dubstep, I mean, OBVI."

Coincidentally enough, two hours before Charlie totally twitter snarked* at me for whining about how he's not my deal all the time, I started getting his schtick, and absolutely loving it.  He was the only contender this week to have the balls to point out that there is very little that is vulnerable about Kelly Clarkson's make-up sex anthem.

(*apparently I'm just an attention whore)

He's still not doing much for me in the homework, but that's fine, he's obviously more of a solo kinda guy, but we'll get to that in a minute.

First we have this business to get through.

Now, so I don't go all insane and start screeching like an attention starved Courtney Love, let me just walk you though this little... ordeal for a second.

 First of all, if it was so dangerous and offensive...

Why was it not only USED, but re-shot from a secondary angle?

Thank god the editors haven't gotten any better at their jobs--it makes this show so much more fun to rip to shreds.

This, thank the lord, was absolutely breathtaking--miles ahead of Matthew Morrison's ear-shattering rendition that made it pretty much impossible for me to ever watch For Reals Glee ever again.  Charlie is kind of the Cameron of this season, in that he seems to be much more of a singer/performer than he does a Glee character.

"Guess I'm staying."

Although he can thank whatever God he prays to FOR that Cameron like quality, and Mario's little meltdown, because before those both happened, it definitely looked like LesbiFinn was on his way out the door.


  1. Yes!!! I did not understand how the cane think was "unacceptable"and then used in a shot. I mean seriously...

  2. As somebody who has done screen acting, it's unacceptable to do that from a safety standpoint if Mario doesn't know it is happening because he is blind and from a professional standpoint if the director hasn't requested something like that to happen. Clearly they decided they liked it after all and then shot it again with the director's approval and Mario's knowledge. But yeah, that wasn't explained very well in the episode. Editors suck.

  3. I disagree with the statement that Charlie is more of a performer than a Glee character. As you have mentioned SEVERAL times in your blogs, he kind of looks like Finn, which I think is the reason that Ryan likes him so much. Glee needs a new male lead, and out of all the guys Charlie is probably the perfect fit for that role. Blake and Michael are sexy all right, (Once again, something you've mentioned SEVERAL times), but not a lot of viewers look like them. Blake is more of a goofball, and Michael is... eh, we haven't seen to much of Michael, (We get confessionals about how young he is though). And while they are perfect eye candy, they aren't really AVERAGE looking, which is what a male lead needs to be in able to have viewers be able to relate to him. Charlie isn't ugly, but he isn't exactly a studmuffin either. He looks similar to Finn, and if Ryan is looking for a similar male-lead next season, then Charlie is the perfect fit for that kind of Glee character. He has the look needed for the role of male-lead, he has the voice needed for a Glee character, and he has enough spunk to stand out on a reality television show, (Which was Mckyngleigh's and Marissa's downfall last season, as you mentioned in your final season rankings).
    So while Charlie might not be an original personality on Glee, he's a perfect fit for a new "Finn" type of character.

    1. But do they really want to basically replace Finn with...Finn?

    2. You're talking about the people who let Damian get a spot on Glee just to ignore him for almost EVERY SINGLE episode, and then ship him back to Ireland when the season was over. I'm not saying that another Finn is what I, (Or the audience), wants to see again, but it explains why Ryan likes Charlie so much, because HE wants another Finn.

    3. Yes, but do you replace Finn with someone who could pass for his doppelganger, or do you try to make your show evolve?

    4. Obviously you try to make the show evolve, but since when has Ryan ever done anything to improve the show? If he wanted to improve the show, he wouldn't have casted Samuel JUST because he was Christian, because the character of Joe Hart is absolutely awful and totally unrealistic. If he wanted to improve the show, he wouldn't have casted Damian JUST because he and his accent were cute, because the character of Rory was completley irrelevant and forgettable. I don't neccassarily agree with casting Charlie as another "Finn" type of character, but I'm trying to explain that the inner-workings of Ryan Murphy are completely fucked up and unpredictable. Maybe he see's something else in Charlie... a kind of enthusiasm and stage-experience that Finn didn't have, which could be an original casting choice. I'm not saying that Charlie being a new Finn-type character is the only reason why Ryan likes him, but I'm saying that Ryan makes odd decisions sometimes, (Hell, all of the time), and this is merely one explanation of his warped thinking