Monday, June 25, 2012


So we finally found out who's filling Lindsay's shoe this season:

Sweetie, take a hint from her, and SERIOUSLY bring it next time.  This half-assed soul diva thing ain't impressing.  You need to either check that 'tude, or crack the glass on Nikki's booth with the power of WHOA if you're expecting to survive next week, because right now the only impressive thing you've managed to do thus far:

Is out bitch NIKKI.  Like, GIRL.  I recognize that that is a talent in and of itself, but seriously, when pregnant Nikki is looking at you like a burger and fries, YOU BEG FORGIVENESS.

"This gorgeous, iconic song is merely acceptable."


In a way, it kind of bothers me that I haven't mentioned Mario's performances once this post, but on the other hand...

When this is the reaction you are inspiring in LITERALLY EVERYONE by episode after you know, being the most beloved contender at the start of this thing, there is some SERIOUS re-evaluating to do on the personality front.  Even Lindsay knew when to pull the cute card.


  1. Ugh, this guy is annoying. Fighting for lines on every homework assignment.
    Are they keeping him because he's blind just the way they're keeping Tyler cause he's transexual?
    One can't sing because he can't see and the other can't dance because "he's going through a transition in life".

    Excuses, excuses...

  2. OMG I love this post. You are so right in everything you are saying here. Those screencaps are fabulous.

  3. Mario is just.... egh. Luckily, I don't think he's gonna stay in for long, especially since he's getting such a negative edit. True, Lindsay and Alex got negative edits last season, but they were able to back it up with BREATHTAKING performances. (And to be honest, I think Lily Mae is the one who's getting the "Third place edit" this season. She's had a few more bitchy confessionals than Mario, but I think her performances are much better)

  4. Whew! Mario's defense of himself by dragging other contenders down was NOT cool. Though in his defense, I believe that part of the reason for his poor lack of appropriate response to Nikki's criticisms and the other contenders' "OMG SHUT UP" faces is simply because he can't actually see them, so it's harder for him to realize when to pull the heel face turn and get nice.

    Still, the editors are onto him.