Thursday, June 7, 2012

Belt to Jesus

Well, at least now we know who's replacing Hannah this season for 'most comically animated facial muscles.'

Whenever Shanna pops up on the screen, the theme song from Winnie the Pooh starts playing in my head.  Seriously.  Whoever came up with the word 'bubbly' had this kind of girl in mind.

Whether or not that person also imagined her to have the vocal power of a nuclear steamroller is unclear, but if not, at least it was a happy accident.

But let's pause for a moment: HOLY SHIT.  Did anyone have the same terrified reaction as Nikki, looking at Shanna as though she'd just set a bomb off in the Vatican?  That note was CRAZY.  I mean, girl probably couldn't talk for at least a day and a half afterwards, but god DAMN was it worth it.  Lea gave her really good advice telling her to kill it like that.

Honestly, I was going to try to do a whole post of really good singers, but I ended up having two problems with that: A, there are a LOT of really good singers in this group (mostly girls); B, Shanna completely blew everyone else out of the water this episode.  After watching it the first time, I thought everyone was kind of exaggerating, but nope--girl acted like a superstar amongst a group of wannabes.

As for her performance in the video...there are no words.  She was absolutely stellar.  One of the top three video performances of all time on this show.  Too bad she pissed off the costumers, and they TP'd her dress.

"Praise him!"

Now you work that mini Martina McBride diva shit you've got going for you, and keep killing it, Shanna, and all the country bumpkin gay boys like me around the country will be praising you for a long time coming.


  1. She won't last. Too normal. You should do a post on the guys. All I really know in terms of how you feel about them is that you think Blake is hot and that Michael might be gay.

    1. I think Aylin is up next, and then I'll do a massive guy post--any suggestions?

    2. I don't think giving you suggestions is a good idea. You seem to pull completely magical stuff out of nowhere without suggestions, so I will let you work that magic. BTW I am totally surprised you actually responded. That totally made me feel important (cause god knows nobody responds to me on Twitter).

  2. God I can't wait till Aylin's post. Her voice and her personality combine into someone who could potentially be a front runner to win this whole thing.

  3. I freaking love her. At first I was like "Oh, guess we have a new Lindsay" (although I personally love Lindsay's voice way more), but shanna has such a great voice. She is definitely my favorite singer this season along wtih Nellie. Plus Shanna is so cute! how can you not love her?