Saturday, June 30, 2012

Back To The Sky...

You guys, I knew this was going to happen at some point, but...

I don't know if I was ready for it.

I also don't know if Tyler was ever going to recover from the effect those first two disastrous weeks had on his chances, but after last weeks episode, I was feeling pretty optimistic that, yes, there was still a solid chance that he could get a little bit farther in this competition, despite the fact  that he was going through so much change in his life that it was hard to keep up.

But honestly:

When even Ryan Murphy is at a loss for something to say because there just really is no way to critique someone, maybe that person just isn't really ready to be critiqued yet.

The thing about it is, Tyler, as he's said a million times before, is just not comfortable with himself yet, and as RuPaul always says "If you don't love yourself, how in the HELL you gonna love somebody else?"  In this context, that means that instead looking down at Ali with passion and lust, we get the impression, as the viewer, that Tyler is looking down at his leg getting amputated sans anesthetic.

As much as I'd like to refute them as usual, the mentors were really quite on in their critique that Tyler kept disappearing in the video, and on top of that he seemed kind of dazed, not paying attention during filming.

I also get that Tyler kept saying that he had to feel an internal connection to get sexual, but there are two different kinds of sexuality: sexual and slutty.  One look around the room (and at the lyrics sheet) should have given Tyler a hint of how to go about performing.

This is not where said hint should have led him.

It's also a bit upsetting that Tyler had to go out on his strongest vocal performance yet, but I can see why it didn't save him.  I think Tyler's biggest weakness is that, first and foremost, he is strictly a singer.  What I mean by this--and if you go back and watch his last chance performance you'll understand it better--is that Tyler spends more time thinking about vocal inflection and note transition than the other contenders do.  There was such a sophisticated array of technique on display during this performance, but it's a subtle kind of performance, which is exactly the opposite of how you save your ass in a Last Chance Performance situation.

Tyler needed to act this song out to show that he was capable of staying, and had he, he may have gone through--his was probably the strongest vocal of the night, save those select few high notes.

I think that Tyler's greatest strength is his relatability, despite how different he is on the surface.  He gained a lot of fans within the house and crew it seems, and that's not something you can get by trying hard to get it--it's something you earn just by being pretty fucking awesome.

So yeah, I may have been wrong about him being the top seed for this competition, but I'm happy to have been completely right about my other assertion: Tyler really does have something uniquely wonderful and special about him.

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