Thursday, May 17, 2012

Pretty People

 My apologies to what's his name is, because this entry is basically just going to revolve around me objectifying him in various ways, but...


You guys, he has a shirt on, which means I literally have zero material with which to discuss him.  Costumers, do your audience a favor and FIX THIS.

(He's otherwise okay--definitely from the School of Smoldering Looks, where he was probably valedictorian, headed up the Bieber Hair Enthusiasts Club, and was president of Future Abercrombie Models of the World.)

(Also, ex-boyfriend, if you're reading: concerning our conversation last night--THIS.)

So...this was melodramatic.  I love the hodge-podge  of randomness outside.  Really, you guys can stop traffic for Arnauz, but you can't chuck the traffic cone for pretty little Ali here?

I'm fully prepared to love this girl for the amount of professionalism and polish she's going to be serving up in the acting department all season, but I honestly just don't like her voice.  It's grown on me--having watched the video more times than any psychologist would deem healthy, or even sane--but while I was right about her Cheno-influences, it's just not the kind of thing I, personally, respond to.

This, however, is.  Keep on killing it, wheels. 

Also, Dani is right--your twitter name has WAY too many capital letters.

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