Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Ones To Watch

You guys, I have a confession to make:

I generally hate being so completely, absurdly, ridiculous wrong about my initial impression of a contender, but in this case, Shanna was just so freaking good that I found myself completely not caring.  Plus, adorable, no?

"Seeya, bitches."

I still hold on to hope, however, that she will recognize just how near the top of the pack she really is, and develop some kind of malicious personality disorder, refusing to make eye contact with anyone she deems 'un-talented' or, like me, 'un-attractive'.

Oh wait, unattractive is a word.

I will advise her, however, to back the fuck off my man.  Take a tip from Tyler, and act like you're terrified to even be in the vicinity with one of my potential future lovers.

Thank GOD the producers didn't learn what subtlety was after last season.  I was legitimately concerned that I wouldn't have anything to make fun of them for.

Oh who am I kidding--I'm surprised they didn't dress Arnauz like a homeless man, with a misspelled bible verse around his neck.  This is downright tactful.

As for his performance, it was pretty freaking stellar.  The voice that kid is carrying was clearly unrepresented by the song (although, you could basically say that about EVERYONE) but I find myself truly stoked to hear what his 'homework assignments' will sound like.

Other than that, I do have one issue: Arnauz oddly enough doesn't come across very charismatically on camera.  I'm going to chalk that one up to the fact that they basically put him in a crosswalk to shoot him.  Hey, if the producers were parading me around in LA traffic, my primary concern wouldn't exactly be how to Gaga myself up, either.

Yeah, I'm kind of surprised Charlie's there, too.

You know what's really weird?  She even kinda SOUNDS like Bieber.  Although, seeing as he sounds like a prepubescent girl, I guess I shouldn't really be totally surprised by that.

Here's the thing with Dani: she is quite clearly tops in talent, charisma, and presence, but she is so completely and utterly not a contender to win this thing.  In fact, I almost feel like NBC lent her to the Glee Project, after she lost America's Got Talent, just to give the premiere ratings an extra little boost.

But stuff like that doesn't happen in television...

But yeah, Dani's cute, Dani's fun, etc.  She just...doesn't actually feel like a competitor on the show--she seems more like a guest star.

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  1. I agree with almost all of what you said. I made a perspective list of who I see not making it in their orders. Quite interesting. Then I made another one completely biased because of the people that I just love. Do you have a way I would be able to share with you this list?