Saturday, May 12, 2012

A Modern Day Romeo and Juliet

Because, you know, he's gay and she works at Starbucks--so meant for each other, but they can never truly be together.

So it looks like she's stuck being his fruit fly, complimenting whatever flavor of Kool Aid he decides to dip dye his hair in.

I'm personally hoping he changes his hair color every week, so that it fit's each week's theme.  Also because I watched WAY too much Buffy the vampire slayer as a child.  (Fifty points to whoever can identify that reference.)

So you guys want to know how I felt about his performance, right?

Kind of like this.

...okay, okay.  I joke.  Honestly, there was nothing wrong with it--standardly good.  I was so confused at his seeming lack of ability to move his mouth.  It put really, really bizarre thoughts into my head.  Thoughts I don't wish to share here, because I know people under the age of sexual maturity read this blog.

But I can of course insinuate the crap out of them.


You guys, not to go all shepard boy on you guys, but DO YOU HEAR WHAT I HEAR?!  What was that BREATHTAKING voice.  Like Grace Potter decided to stop smoking so freaking much.  Like a butch Kelly Clarkson.  (Well, a more butch Kelly Clarkson.)  What WAS that amazingness?  Furthermore, how can I get some more of it?

Oh, and her acting was great too.  So excited to hear this girl sing some more.

AND she's adorable?  Honey, the next double whip mocha with foam is on me.

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  1. so glad you're back for the summer! love the reviews, nellie is definitely one of my favorites right now. keep em coming!