Sunday, May 20, 2012

Giggly Girls

So, show of hands: who remembers who I have left to review?

Count me disappointed--this girl seems sweet as sugar.  I was expecting some slutty, rebellious bitchitude. Instead? Like watching the Wiggles without the edge. Seriously, even Tinky Winky had a little bit of RuPaul 'tude going on.

Girl, best put on your bitch pants--lord knows I'll be slipping into mine soon.

However, please never learn how to dance; this was too awesome for words.

Lily Mae, Lily Mae, LILY MAEEEEEE.  Girl, you are also SUCH a sweetheart, which is totally fine, and you look totally adorable, to put this.

Make like Snow Patrol and OPEN YOUR EYES.

Listen, I need another one of my hometown divas to score a top 4 spot, so start bringing that leading lady heat that I know you're packing.  You've got all the raw material--now just learn how to make it pop.

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