Friday, May 11, 2012


Well, they finally released some press worth looking into.

And for once, Zach and I are in complete agreement about something.

Seriously, what happened here?  Not that the concepts/art direction/anything on last season was like, Oscar worthy, but at least it wasn't that hot mess.  I literally have zero idea about any of these kids' singing or acting potential because it's like the the vocal mixing staff decided to use a blender, and apparently the camera crew was suffering from a case of ADHD and Epilepsy the day they shot the music video.

Let's start with the best in the video:

And now, let's work our way down.

Okay, no, these aren't in any particular order, especially considering how god awful Tyler was in this.  I hate to say this, because I like him (and mostly because I hate to be wrong) but this performance is probably going to land him in the bottom two.  I don't think he lip-synched a single word correctly, and his vocal was mixed horrifically.  Not that the second part is his fault, but still.

Also, boy dresses like a sale section at American Apparel and I am NOT having it.

Speaking of shitty lip-synching...

Let's get one thing out of the way: Lady Gaga is not in this boy's repertoire.  Hell, I don't even know if he knows who Lady Gaga is.  And yes, by typing that, I am readily admitting that the cutest guy on the show is probably not gay.  Yet.

Um, but yeah, the best part about his performance is that it was accompanied by his face.

And his biceps.

Be sure to wear tight t-shirts to see Ryan, hot boy.  You'll manage top six, easy.

Thank JESUS someone brought some fabulous to the proceedings, even if they dressed her like a Delia's mannequin.  Props to the hair and make up department for making her look hot as shit.

But yeah, I may have to redo my rankings, coz girl KILLED THIS.  Super cute, super energetic, super good voice--I want this girl to do well so much it's hurting me.  Actually, strike that--I want them to totally hate her so she winds up like Alex, doing a last chance performance every week.  That voice is to DIE.

I'll get to the rest of them later--if I watch that video too many more times today, I'm bound to get a migraine.

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