Monday, May 21, 2012

Edge of Glory Rankings

Finally, something concrete to unfairly sort them with!

So, as you'll see, my rankings tend to be INSANELY fluid, and I fully anticipate and appreciate some dissension--after all, I'm a viewer, just like you.

Except better, obvi.

14) Aylin

I didn't really think Aylin was bad, actually, but if there's one thing that it was, that would be 'forgettable.'  I still assume that she's going to be one of the stronger players in this game, but this isn't going to be the performance that defines her Glee Project experience.

13) Tyler

Tyler, on the other hand, definitely disappointed me. Like I've said, I'm generally counting this video as a fluke on the part of the mixing staff, but Tyler really didn't give them much to work with, either.  His acting looked nervous and forced, and I hardly could hear enough of his singing to judge him on.  I still think he's the one to beat, but this video did nothing to corroborate that.

 12) Charlie

Solid performance, as noted, but I can't seem to work up much enthusiasm over him just yet.

11) Michael

The sun must have been absolutely blinding where they shot Tyler and Michael, because neither of them could seem to open their eyes.  Michael, as noted, really wasn't meant to sing this kind of song, but that doesn't really make up for the fact that he sung it like that.  Kind of disappointing, but at least he had energy.

10) Lily Mae

Another fall from grace.  Lily Mae, like a lot of the contenders thus far, needs to seriously bump it up in the distinguishable personality department.  Thus far, I feel like we have fourteen McKynleigh's on our hands.*

*McKynleigh, girl, you know I love you.

9) Maxfield

This is more in line with what I'm talking about.  Was he good in the video? Not at all. But did I remember him? You bet your ass I did. That creepy, easy-going Southerner schtick may have been kind of awkward to watch, but at least it, and his voice, gave you a sense of who he is.
8) Blake

Excuse me while I swoon for a minute.  Blake did a whole lot better than I was expecting him to, but if we're being honest, doesn't this guy kind of defeat the purpose of Glee? That whole 'rooting for the underdog' thing?

7) Ali

 Still not my kind of singer, but I am seriously impressed with this girl's acting capabilities, especially given that the two guys who won last season...well, they lack in that department.

6) Arnauz

I initially had Arnauz here up a little higher, but after further review, decided he might have been coasting a little bit here--I want to hear that voice pull out all it's stops, before I hand him another top five position.

5) Dani

It's not going to be easy for these other performers to top Dani's polish--girl has her character down cold.  The only issue is--and I call this 'Cameron Syndrome'--she definitely seems more like an established performer than a Glee cast member.

4) Abraham

Abraham seemed disappointed at my initial review of his performance, to which I say: GIRL.  He was definitely one of the best in the video, giving an almost sublime performance, but he happened to get paired with Nellie, who completely blew my expectations out of the water, and then gave subdued performance.  Well, bitch, you're top four on my list--happy now?

3) Taryn

Speaking of blowing my expectations out of the water: WOW.  Taryn was definitely in high contention for the number one spot on my list this week, and I have very few doubts that she'll end up landing it at some point during this competition.  I don't even have a but.  Flawless performance, slightly upstaged by two others.

2) Shanna


Well, almost perfect...

1) Nellie

Nellie KILLED this one.  Like, in the first degree.  I can't even begin to explain just how amazing her performance was.  I can barely remember anyone else singing, her voice was so powerful.  Let's hope she keeps up that cool girl disposition, and really knocks the first couple of challenges out of the park the way she did this one, because I for one, would love to listen to her all summer long.

Isn't it funny that all of my top three girls were carrying rolly-suitcases?  Look into luggage with wheels, contenders; apparently that's my weak spot.


  1. God, I love you. And I love how you refer to last season two. Old fans will know exactly what you mean when you say "Cameron Syndrome." Just wanna say I'm going to be obsessively watching your blog for awhile!!!

    1. Yay!! I'm so happy to hear that! I'm glad you got what I meant.

  2. too* wooowwww.

  3. Yup, the most hilarious blog on the Glee Project is back! I'll def be tuning in every week :) BTW, did you know that the callbacks episode 0 is on Hulu? Yeah. Do some more judging!