Saturday, April 7, 2012

Meet the Meat: The Glee Project 2, Part 3

Hit it, other fame whores!!

Maxfield, 22
Nashville, TN
Maxfield is a country singer/songwriter who is new to the stage since finding his voice last summer. In high school he was the stereotypical jock who played Varsity football. Now a student at Full Sail University, he has learned to overcome his past mistakes. To symbolize this, Maxfield wears a “promise ring” every day to remind himself of where he has been and to treat women with the same respect he desires to one day treat his wife.  His motivation for competing on “The Glee Project” is to win the respect of a girl he loved and lost.  Maxfield originally auditioned for “The Glee Project” at the Nashville open casting call.

NO. No, no, no, no, NO.  I think I have hit a wall with Ulrich, you guys.  This is a reality TV show, not a freaking soap opera.  Or the Hunger Games, for christsake.  I mean, props to him for figuring out EXACTLY how to land himself on a reality show, and almost guaranteeing himself (unless he completely sucks) a spot in the top six.  The only two things that will surprise about this kid are if: A, his story is legit; and B, if this girlfriend doesn't make an appearance on the show at some point.

Also, the word stereotypical is getting thrown around a LOT by the southern contingent.  Did they finally learn it?

Why is his interview so long and sad?  Why is his posture so awkward?  Why are you doing this to me, Glee Project?  After everything I've done for you??  God I need a gallon of chocolate ice cream and some prozac after this one.

Lily Mae, 18
Cape Cod, MA

Lily Mae comes from a very musical family. She has been singing all her life and involved with musical theatre for the past six years. Despite her lack of class attendance, Lily Mae was highly involved in extracurricular activities in high school. She is currently enrolled as a student at the Westminster Choir College. Even though she has performed for over 2,500 people at the Symphony Hall in Boston, Lily Mae still finds it challenging to convince people that as a full-figured woman, she can be any shows leading lady. Lily Mae originally auditioned for “The Glee Project” online and at the New York City open casting call.

FAVORITE.  I mean, past the fact that this girl is from my hood (Massachusetts, represent!) past the fact that she calls herself a full-figured leading lady, past the fact that she ALSO basically skipped all of her classes in high school, this girl JUST FUCKING POPS.  Like, awesome shirt, exploding with personality, fabulous smile, hair, energy, OMG I JUST LOVE HER.  Plus, it helps that she looks like she's legitimately in high school.

I'm really excited about this one, you guys.  If she can legitimately sing and act, I predict very, very good things for her.


"Oops, I almost swore." Adorable.

Arnauz, 24
Lanham, MD

Mario (Arnauz), a singer/song writer, has been performing in school concerts, gospel and chamber choirs, and at Washington DC area churches for nine years. He was born with Morning Glory Syndrome, which ultimately caused him to go totally blind at the age of nine. Despite his disability, he can also dance, act, and play the piano, guitar and drums. When Mario, a triplet, was an infant, his mother passed away. With his father out of the picture, his grandmother took him and his siblings in.  Mario attended several different schools, due to moving around a lot, and at each school he attended he did everything he could to assimilate with sighted students. He believes music has healing powers, and his love for the performing arts sustained him through the tough times. Mario does motivational speaking, comedy, impersonations and is a voice-over artist. He dreams of publishing his autobiography and landing a recording contract. Mario originally auditioned for “The Glee Project” online and at the New York City open casting call.

Huh?  Who plans so far ahead that they have 'autobiography' on their bucket list?

I'm really interested to see how his disability affects how he's treated on the show--if he says he can sing and dance, and play instruments, then I can certainly believe it, but I can easily picture Zach treating him like an invalid.

His video is pretty adorable--and the boy is a dreamboat.  He's a bit of an obsessive compulsive type, but I think how he explains it as working itself out when he sings.  I'm barely making sense anymore.  I just watched his youtube video where he sings 'Someone Like You' shirtless.  Glee says 'you're welcome,' ladies.

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