Sunday, December 25, 2011

I'm All Out Of Irish Jokes

You know what sucks about everyone winning?  I HAVE NO ONE TO MAKE FUN OF.


You guys, I honestly don't know why I decided the three remaining finale posts in one night.  It just seems sick.  But I love you guys, and super owe you, so...let's wrap this sucker up.

Oh Damian, you smoldering shamrock shake of sex, how to best put this?

You kind of...suck on Glee.  It's endearing, yes, and you have a half way decent story line, but the writers aren't doing anything with you anymore, and now you just do eye brow dances in the corner sometimes.  Also, the costume gays blatantly still hate you.

But hey, I'd still fuck you, which was the point of you getting cast anyways.

Back to the Glee Project of old, did anyone else notice the blatant vocal dubbing during Damian's solo in this song?  I'd like to hear the live recording, to see just how badly you have to suck to get dubbed because, I mean...


As it's been a few months since I've gazed upon his scrumptious Irish behind, I'm fully able to say this: Damian did the absolute worst in the music video.  Not like, horrible, just...boring and stiff, just like he was in the first video.  The editing staff completely left out any footage of him doing the day-time choreography, as well.

But again, still wouldn't mind getting some alone time with this boy in the back of a minivan.
In case you haven't noticed by now, I am trying to assert that the reason Damian won had NOTHING to do with talent (although he is truly gifted, and has a lovely voice) but entirely with his sex appeal.  Now, Ryan Murphy made absolutely no illusion that Damian won because of something other than his performance in this episode, as well as throughout the season--the premise of the show was to show Ryan that you had something that Glee was lacking, and Damian was one of those things.  Only problem?  Sam was essentially the same thing as Damian, but Sam actually merited it.  Why not just keep Damian in as a two-episode kid, like Lindsay and Alex?  I mean, sure, Damian was easily the most likeable one there, but it's kind of annoying that he WON because of that.


I find Damian's finale performance hilarious for two reasons.  One, all of a sudden he's like, "JK!  Totes not uncoordinated, LAWL!" Seriously, kid started busting out some seriously suave moves for this performance.  Granted, it wasn't anything that your reasonably talented brother-in-law couldn't drunkenly bust out at your wedding reception.  Two, GREEN.  EVERYWHERE. Just in case you forgot, Damian is I-R-I-S-H.

So yeah, Damian wins, and the only person surprised by this is Damian, as witnessed by his reaction.

And I have no idea how these posts are going to be in order, but this essentially wraps up season one of The Glee Project for me!  I'll still be doing a final ranking of all of the contenders, but that's easy--it's been done since October.

Merry Christmas everybody!  I hope everyone is just as excited about next season of The Glee Project as much as I am!



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