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Project Runway Season 9: Top Ten

So while I haven't had much in the way of time to crank out my Gleek Project posts (they are coming, EVENTUALLY) I figured I'd post something about Project Runway--my original reality TV love.  I'd never try to blog about each episode, out of both reverence and fear of my fairy blog fathers Tom and Lorenzo, who basically OWN when it comes to Blogging Project Runway, but as you guys know, I LOVE to rate/rank things.  It's like my crack.  So I've compiled two lists: a list of the top 10 looks on Project Runway this season, and a list of the bottom 10.  I'm in a pretty good mood right now, however, so we're going to start with the top ten.  I get my drawing midterm tomorrow, so I figure right after class is probably when I'll write the bottom ten, if you catch my drift.

10) Kimberly's Bird Gown

In a season sort of...ambiguous on skill level, Kimberly often impressed me with looks that she seemingly would pull out of her ass at the last minute, as well as her snarky commentary on less tasteful contestants.  This gown is a prime example of what Project Runway can be like: a beautiful, dramatic gown whipped up out of pretty much thin air, stress, and a point of view that doesn't read 'Macy's Sale Rack'.

9) Danielle Gets Robbed

This outfit prompted Danielle's infamous 'I should be in the top three' remark, which at the time, sounded pretty obnoxious, but after a moment of reflection, girl was majorly right--that is a damn cool sweater. It's the first sweater I can remember seeing on this show, come to think of it.  In any case, it was cool, original, and stylish, with a strong sense of originality, resourcefulness, and point of view--she SHOULD have been in the top three.

8) Viktor Luna For Anthropologie

Viktor Luna quickly established himself as the dark horse of season nine, and for good reason--he was the only one consistently turning out well designed looks--the only problem being that he seemed to lose sight of his own personal taste level towards the end of the season, defaulting to a more tacky P.O.V. under Josh's influence.  Here, however, Viktor was at his best: making clothes that perfectly fit his client.  The only downside? This looks pretty much like nothing else Viktor showed on the show.

7) An Anya...Original?

Here's the thing you guys--did Anya deserve to win this season.  No.  Did Anya have the strongest, most interesting point of view, or the best sewing skills?  No.  Did Anya deserve every win she received?  Not really.  But did Anya deserve to praised when she did get it?  Most definitely.

Moving on to the dress, (I know those are technically pants, but I believe it was produced as a dress for sale) Anya really knocked this one out of the park: the details, the fabric, the color, the proportion, the cut, the sheer back--all beautiful.  Hell, it was even SEWN beautifully.  The reason it's so high is because Anya was able to marry her aesthetic perfectly to the design challenge at hand, and pulled off a beautiful garment to boot.

6) The Famous Kimberly Pant

Another example of someone who took their aesthetic and strengths and married both to perfectly fit the challenge, thus resulting in possibly the most deserved win of the season.  As Tom and Loreno put it, that top is perfectly Nina--the construction draws your eye up to her face, while the pants are quiet, but fit perfect, so as not to distract the viewer.

5) Viktor's Scene Stealer

This would not have been my pick for the win this challenge, despite it seemingly being the most lauded piece from this season by the show's audience and critics.  However, it's hard to deny a perfectly constructed, show-stopping gown with a print bodice a place in the top five--it really is stunning.  And unlike his other piece in this countdown, this really looks like Viktor's true aesthetic--urban, sophisticated, and a little rock n' roll edge.

4)Kimberly's Completely Overlooked Dress

Remember what I said about Anya deserving all the praise she got?  Well Kimberly here deserved way more praise throughout the season, especially when it came to this dress, which is a truly unique looking dress that is interesting, flattering, well-constructed, and instantly recognizable: this is a Kimberly dress, full stop.

3) Bert's Boxer Frock

Another truly deserved win.  Bert showed so much promise in the beginning of the season, that it was mind-numbing to see how far--and how quickly--he fell straight to the bottom of the pile, from the point of view of the judges, as well as the show's audience.  This dress, to me, represents a true love of fashion, especially it's critical process, which he rejected entirely after this first success.

2) Olivier's Out-of-Nowhere Jacket

Despite having one the second challenge, Olivier rarely ever displayed the kind of talent and technical prowess that shone through in his portfolio, which was all tailored menswear.  Unsurprisingly, when Olivier had half a second to display his skill for jackets and tailoring, it was one of the highest praised garments of the season.  Beautifully designed, cut, and constructed, this look far surpassed anything else Olivier ever did on the show, as well as everything on the runway that day.  Had the pants not been so blatantly half-assed, he might have garnered himself a second win.

1) Avian Anthony

Please, is anyone really surprised?  Sure, this 'glued on texture' thing has been done quite a few times on PR (most notably Chloe Dao's leaf dress from season two) but rarely ever to such a pleasing effect.  Anthony really thought about how to make himself stand out in this challenge, and did so in the best way possible, while still sticking to his point of view.  So, in case you hadn't noticed: unique, totally Anthony, well made, attractive, and amazingly kind of wearable, made out of BIRD SEED?  Yeah, this one pretty much takes the cake.

So anyways, I'm sure I'll get around to the bottom 10 at SOME point, but let's face it: I suck at this timing thing.

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