Thursday, August 11, 2011

True Colors

I just realized that they haven't had Alex sing 'Respect' yet.  This need to be corrected as soon as possible.

"Now I have the drive to win this competition like no other drive I've had in my life."

So...this one was a little surprising this episode, huh? Not in a way that made me completely forget his past grievances, but it definitely reminded me of the Alex we got to know in the front half of the season.  Although it could have just been editing.

And what the hell was up with people's grammar in this episode?

When I thought about what Ryan had said to Alex about being softer last episode, I couldn't help but laugh: of course he was going to be softer in this challenge.  If Alex's only challenge was to be softer, he was going to be safe by default in this week.

However, I must say, Alex also really did seem to step up his game this week.  His homework challenge performance was lovely and subtle and very uncharacteristically restrained.  Although to go all Whitney on "True Colors" probably wasn't his natural response to the song anyways, despite how hilarious it would have been.

 "It's just so much pain that I never wanted to use."

You know, I really didn't understand Alex's breakdown until he said that--losing a parent is one thing, but forcing yourself to indulge in that kind of sadness for something like a song can really make you feel like you're trivializing the person, and their significance.  I don't think Alex did that, but I do think that Alex thought he was doing that, because using that kind of sadness in a place where it didn't really make innate sense to do so must have been very confusing for him.  He was just trying to make himself get into character, and he went a little too far.

And I know half of you probably think I'm about to shit all over Nikki here, but I think that face is less 'ew I don't want to deal with this' and more of an understanding of where Alex went wrong, and how much pain he had inadvertently, and unnecessarily caused himself.  She really is good at her job.

In any case, whatever pressure Alex got off his chest by crying certainly just let those lyrics pore out of him afterwards--a really beautiful job.  Possibly a little over-stylized, but still beautiful.

"It doesn't feel like love, it feels like depression."

Although by the time the video shoot had pulled around, he'd worked himself away from sensitive, and into listless depression.  Thankfully, they gave the kid a pep talk and basically reminded him that he had a job to do, and that job was to convey some pining hots for Damian.

And, well...

Job well done, I guess.

How cheap are they on Glee? I count like, 3 separate frames, maybe.  Three takes? Really?

I think Alex really did do a breathtaking job in the video.  It's not exactly how I remember being in love with a straight guy in high school, that's for sure, but the recording and shooting didn't really align very well in this episode, and I think Alex here had to make a choice between matching his part of the song, and being more believable.  He chose the former, in my opinion, but the result was so tender and touching, that in the long run it didn't matter--he was believably in love with Damian either way.  I think he just could have made it more...real?  Maybe I'm being too subjective there.

I was happy to see that they gave Alex the credit he deserved for this episode.  I'm not one hundred percent sure he was the best this week, but he definitely improved by such a dramatic amount that it would have been unfair, had he not been safe.

A word of advice, sweetheart?  Next time you're the first to be declared 'in', don't gleefully skip past your fellow competitors, smiling at them.  Bitchiest thing I've seen on the show yet.

 ...So of course I kind of loved it.


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