Friday, August 5, 2011

"This Won't Make TV"

 "Don't worry, this won't make TV."
"My Mother is gonna kill me!"

Oh you sweet, naive Glee Projecters--LEARN THE FAMOUS LAST WORDS OF REALITY TV.  You just tripled this show's ratings.  Now onto Hannah.
"I'm like a koala bear!"

That...would have also been how I would have chosen to phrase that feeling.


Anyways, it was nice to see Hannah going from sheer terror...

 "You could fight over me."
"Damian, you could try to seduce me!"

To shameless hussy in about the span of thirty eight seconds.  Seriously, though, girl: stay away from my man.  I get all freaky with sharp objects and stuff when there's another woman involved.

Although, how hysterical was it that they kept showing Hannah in confessional, basically rewording the phrase "I want Damian's balls."?  After she'd said it the FIFTY MILLIONTH TIME, I had to start wondering what the editors were smoking that day.  We get it: Damian is cute, she's into him, avocados are delicious.

Apparently I need lunch.

It was pretty adorable, however, seeing her get all sorts of excited over Ashley and Mark being there.  And could you blame her?

They were absolutely hysterical.  And probably on valium.

GET IT GIRL, every straight boy in the room rubbing up on you in under five minutes?  You had me all kinds of jealous.  Especially when Damian spun her around, took her from behind and...this is getting a bit graphic.  And like the dreams I keep having.

In all seriousness, Hannah probably should have won this one easy.  She interacted with pretty much everyone, had this flirty, natural kind of sexuality to her, and acted the part beautifully.  Not that she needed the win, because she ended up being pretty phenomenal anyways, but still, it would have been nice to give the girl a well deserved shout out.

This was pretty terrible though.  Although watching Nikki try to hold in her amusement was the highlight of the episode for me.  You could tell that she was just eating up all of that pain and suffering.  I was cracking up the whole time just listening to her:

 "Yeah, it's right in your break, isn't it?"
 "You know what 'break' reminds me of?"

Although when Nikki makes this face and hold it for ten seconds while you sing:

She might actually be genuinely concerned for you.  Or that just might be her 'o' face.

 "Whatever Cameron's into."

Oh you dirty, dirty girl.  Hannah handled this situation EXACTLY the way she should: let Cameron make his own decisions, and then worked her ass off to make sure she wouldn't be in the bottom along with him.  And damn did it pay off:

Because Hannah owned in this video.  My director friend loved her for her attitude, said she had a fantastic, natural approach to acting, and, like I have been saying all along, looked the best on camera.  Seriously, the girl just totally pops when she's on screen.  It's amazing.

Oh I'm going to miss her if she doesn't win that role on Glee.  If for nothing else, her facial expressions are just gold.


  1. You get the most amazing screenshots, and they always capture the best of Hannah's expressions--she's hilarious! I will totally miss her too if she gets booted :(

  2. i have a feeling it is going to between Damian, Samuel and Hannah and hannah will win it (even though I love Damian!)

  3. I love your blog, and I love Hannah. I would be happy if she won, but I think Damian is my favorite. At this point, I would be fine with anyone except for Alex. Don't get me wrong, boy can sing, but I feel like he only has one volume.