Sunday, August 14, 2011

That Lucky, Charming Boy

"I can't talk to any of the other guys like I could talk to Cameron."

Does anyone else ever feel like Damian doesn't talk much or do much in these episodes?  Is it just that he is deafeningly hot?  Is that even a thing?
Just so you guys know, reality TV has an interesting way of working around situations like that one that occurred in the previous episode.  You don't have the frontrunner sacrifice his chances at winning to save his best friend, and then cut the kid the next episode.  That's just too golden of a situation to tarnish.  However, it also means that Damian could have slept through the music video this week, and he still would have been safe.

Samuel: "This is an attempt at making conversation."
Damian: "Yeah."

Although the kid seemed almost too depressed to form words.  Honey, there's half a chance that they were just fucking with the edit--they only said that you would have been cut after Cameron said he was definitely out.

That's better.

Interesting that all of the contenders (save Alex) decided that the best way to sing this song was to narrow their eyes as much as possible.  Hell, Damian's weren't even open for half the song.

I thought this was...well, it's difficult for me to remain objective with Damian.  Like Jenna said, his performance was dreamy and heartfelt. He didn't sing the best of the them, but he didn't really need to with a song like this.  In case you guys haven't noticed yet from all my blog ramblings, but Damian is about the most likely to make you giggle and turn red when he smiles at you.  In the end, I liked how he sung this, but there's something more internal going on that gets him complimented.  He's just so freaking cute.

"Damian, you just give me this urge to rip off all my clothes 
and surrender myself to you."
 "Yeah, I get that a lot."

Even Jenna herself could barely keep her composure from dissolving into a horny giggle fit mess trying to comment on his performance.  He seemed to dig it.

"I would pick Hannah because I love her, but she doesn't know I exist."

This kid is just way too adorable.  I'm getting like, turned on writing this post.  He just...ugh.  Show of hands, who else was wishing that he was talking you when he said this...I'm not even making sense anymore I'm so enamored with the kid.

"You guys, what's up with the fan?"

One of the things I really like about Damian are the looks he has on his face when he's not interacting with anyone.  He has exactly two of them, sheepish, like the above...

And SEXY.  Seriously.  How is he not melting the scenery the way he is MELTING MY HEART?

I thought this was the part of the process that really guaranteed his safety--how good he was on set. He took direction well, and he was ridiculously self-aware of how he might potentially screw up:

"I just hope to God my eyebrows don't start dancing!"

That's it.  My heart is melted.  That was just too much cute for it too handle.  You guys, I'm going to have to start paying someone to do my Damian blogs for me--I can't even form thoughts anymore, let alone sentences.

No one gives a shit what you think, Botox McBeanie.

Okay, now before I get to the rest of Damian's video performance:

HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! YOU ASSHOLES CROPPED HIS EYEBROWS OUT OF FRAME! I mean, how much more obvious could the producers made this?  Photoshopped them off?  Given him bang extensions?  Put a black censor bar over each brow?  Used a different actor?  I mean, hell:

They sure as hell shot him pretty evasively.  Go back and watch the video again--the screen time on his solo goes to pretty much everyone else twice.  Why would they avoid such a beautiful face?  Dancing eyebrows or not?

As for his actual performance in the video, I loved it. I thought his acting was definitely near the top, and his signing was perfect for how he sort of carried himself on screen.  I loved the subtle range of emotions he went through, and how what he was portraying looked real--a teenage boy, sad because the girls he's in love with loves another guy.

It was interesting and a little sad that Damian thought he was headed for the bottom just because he had been in the bottom so often.  I mean, he's technically only been in it three times, and they were pretty evenly spaced out unlike Cameron and Alex.

Although thank God he was doubting himself or we never would have gotten this hysterical little reaction.  Honey, it's the bottom three, not the Vietnam draft.  Although you'd never know given Samuel's reaction--boy looks like someone just told him his puppy got fed to an alligator.

So our precious Irish Spring lives to make us swoon another week.  The only thing is, I'm very scared for him going into this episode...I'll explain in the rankings.


  1. *hand up*
    *wipes uncontrollable drool*
    Yum. I love the eyebrows!
    "Honey, it's the bottom three, not the Vietnam draft"
    Also, the side bar ad while I was reading this post was "Make him fall madly in love with you: Here's how." The irony was not lost on me. Haha.

  2. He's so amazing!! Yeah, my heart melted with yours. Completely.

  3. You're hilarious!

    What is it about Damian? He's the least technically talented, but every time I see him I start to drool. He's a magical leprechaun.

  4. Love Damian <3 I love your reviews, too :D