Sunday, August 7, 2011

Teenage Dream (Guess Who?)

Okay, that's it--first Marissa, now Hannah?  I am dyeing my hair red.

Because something tells me you guys are getting sick of my constant Damian swooning, I'm going to TRY to play this one a bit more like the others.  But it's going to be mega hard, since Damian spent the vast majority of this episode looking MEGA cute.

As well as the majority of it grinding up on Hannah a bit, no?

Ugh, sexy is he?  Like, seriously.  Had he not completely lost it in the middle of the performance, and just randomly started letting other people lead him around, he might have actually been a contender to win this one.

Oh, and that whole Lindsay/Hannah/Damian love triangle going on?  Not buying it for a second.  Literally, as soon as they had Hannah talk about her 'crush' on Damian for the first time, I was like "Really? You're pushing THIS angle?"

"I'm just afraid the judges are going to say Lindsay is taking control."

And this was when I figured out how Damian was going to wind up in the bottom this week.  Seriously kid, it's barely even dancing: it's more like spinning.

He's so strange sometimes--he gets these little idiosyncrasies about Glee very well, but cannot figure out for the life of him that it's not how well he dances, so much as how hard he tries that gets him through.  And he's ON THIS SHOW.


He gave a solid vocal performance--nothing amazing, but nothing horrendous.  Nikki was probably just reacting to how well he seemed to understand how to sing the song.  Still, it was sweet to see her finally praise him, and for him to be so happy to get complimented.  Slash adorable how he said 'Hello?' into the mic like he was answering the phone.

"Lindsay, without question, is probably the strongest actress here."

Aside from the fact that there is probably some seriously racy fan fiction revolving around this scene between Zach and Damian, we yet again get some build up for the inevitable 'Damian is on the bottom' spiel.  I mean, come on--waltzing the kid around the set?  Why don't you just ask him out for coffee and pay, Zach?

Wait, what were we talking about?

I definitely think Damian did much, much better in this video than they gave him credit for.  Yes, Lindsay did out act him, but that's like saying Alex out gayed Samuel.  He played as a lovely sort of subordinate complement to her, which made their video the most compelling to watch--there was real chemistry between them, unlike the other pairings.

It was really hard to think it came down to these two in anyway deciding who to put in the bottom three.  I honestly just don't get it.

So Damian sings a really bland, classic take on 'Danny Boy' that has more than a few bad notes, and doesn't look too pleased with himself.


Although not nearly as displeased as Asshat looked the whole time.  Man just didn't have patience for Damian that night--maybe he knew about his little waltz with Zach?  Who knows.

Thankfully for Damian, Cameron just wasn't into it anymore, and he gets to stay another week.  Unfortunately, I believe that this episode probably put the final nail in place for Damian's coffin--being called erratic when there's a high profile job on the line, still not knowing how to dance, being compared negatively to the other contestants...this does not bode well for Irish Spring.


  1. Sweetie, never stop swooning over Damien. He is a doll and so are you! I started following you after Tom&Lorenzo retweeted you and I've really been enjoying your posts. Keep up the good work!

  2. I love your analysis on Damian but we need more swooning, those posts makes me love your posts more!

    oh and when Glee starts will you do analysis on Glee episodes or will you stop after the Glee Project?

  3. If you all want guys that look like Damian..come to Boston. Everyone here looks like him. -___- It's actually kinda boring.I prefer Samuel, but hey..different strokes for different folks!

  4. When Damian answered her like he was answering the phone, I loled. It was soooo adorable I couldn't handle myself for a second. Haha.
    We love the swooning, continue the swooning. Be the mayor of Damian's swoonsville. Because enormously cute and you just voice what we're all thinking. Haha.
    Poor Cameron leaving though...I like the bromance they had (have) going.